Marketing Class

Your individual chance to shine!  Read the attached Lyric Theater case carefully and answer the questions below in a crisp, well-reasoned, understandable analysis.

Submissions will be evaluated based on

1) application of entrepreneurial marketing concepts

2) deep analysis of case data and information

3) use of additional research outside the case and

4) detailed recommendations based on analysis that reflects critical thinking.

Please ensure that you supplement case information with additional research on the company/situation as well as make specific references to concepts that you apply and illustrate through your analysis. Please also make sure that you provide complete citations for all your information sources at the end. Given that this assignment accounts for a significant portion of your final grade, you are expected to conduct a detailed and critical analysis, offer clear recommendations, backed with data and research. The focus should be on analysis and recommendations while minimizing a repeat of case data.



1. Since Belzer confronted her issues in 2010, when the case opened, what might be different now for the Lyric in the age of social media?

2. What are the strategic marketing goals in Lyric?

3. What marketing actions/tactics can Lyric use to grow? Provide specifics and details.

4. Explain how financial, cultural, and managerial realities impact Lyric’s marketing strategies.  How can these be leveraged, minimized, or overcome? 

5. Suggest additional metrics you would use to measure success for Lyric, and explain why.

6. Put yourself in the shoes of a consultant friend to Belzer – what are some of the things she can do?  (I.e., integrate your analysis into recommendations.)

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