What Has Been the Impact on C

In a minimum of 250 words, please reflect and answer the following questions. In order to receive full credit you must also respond to another students reflection.

What has been the impact on COVID-19 on your internship site?

What do you think will happen to the sport, recreation, tourism and hospitality industries once the pandemic has concluded?

Do you think there will be any permanent impacts to the industry and how businesses operate that extend years beyond the pandemic conclusion?

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internship site is that I am in a fully remote position. After the pandemic began, Princeton University Basketball moved all their interns into remote roles. The basketball program has not brought interns back to the facility since. However, the ability for Princeton to have remote interns has been beneficial to me. Prior to the pandemic, the basketball program strongly desired that their interns be at the facility when working. This scenario would have been difficult for me because Temple University and Princeton University are about two hours away using public transportation. Another way Covid-19 impacted my internship site prior to me beginning was the cancellation of Princeton University’s summer basketball camps. Despite planning to host a few camps during this past summer, the basketball program cancelled the events due to the pandemic.

Once the pandemic has concluded, I think there will be great opportunity for people striving for careers within our industry. From what I have heard from professors, many people have left the industry during the pandemic seeking work in more stable industries. This has left an open job market with many opportunities. I also believe that the sport industry will be better prepared for pandemics moving forward. While the world itself has experienced pandemics before, modern sport has not. Now that leagues have acted on contingency plans, leagues can feel confident planning for a future health crisis. For example, the Orlando bubble was very successful for the NBA. Going forward, the league will be prepared to take similar action if a pandemic were to arise again.

I think that there will be permanent impacts on the industry and how business operate years beyond the pandemic. Our industry, like others, is accustomed to remote working platforms now. Therefore, organizations don’t have to rush back to the way businesses operated prior to the pandemic. For instance, my site supervisor at Princeton University explained that he doesn’t think that the basketball program will return to in-person internships after the pandemic concludes. Now that the world is accustomed to doing everything online, organizations can widen the workforce they’re recruiting by keeping remote roles. As a result, I think we’ll see continuous remote job opportunities in the industry. In the circumstance of Princeton University’s basketball program, keeping remote interns means that they no longer have to limit themselves to hiring students who attend Princeton University or nearby colleges. As a matter of fact, one of my fellow interns attends a university in Florida. Remote working gives Princeton University and other organizations in our industry opportunity to hire people who live all throughout the country. Therefore, I don’t believe remote working will ever fully dissolve.

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