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Last edited: Tuesday, September 7, 2021 9:37 PM PDTMaslow’s hierarchy of needs discusses motivating factors in order to address the basic human needs. “Maslow’s hierarchy of needs consists of physicological, safety, love and belonging needs, esteem, and self actualization” (Hale et al., 2020). According to the article Technology use expression of Maslow’s hierarchy need Sharma states, “human beings are motivated by unsatisfied needs and that certain lower needs to be satisfied before higher needs can be addressed” (Sharma et al., 2020, p. 2). Maslow’s hierarchy of needs begins with the physiological needs which includes food, sleep, mental and physical requirements. The second and third step of the pyramid is ensuring safety followed by love and belonging which includes relationships made between family, friends, colleagues. Moreover, the following steps include esteem and self actualization concepts conclude achievement and fulfillment (Hale et al., 2020). The concept of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs is based on the necessities a person needs which includes the physicological need of food, sleep, mental and physical requirement which is concept A. The physicological needs correlates to the other elements within the pyramid which is concept B and can include safety, love and belonging, esteem and self actualization.

Incorporating the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs in the plan of care for each patient determines individualized treatment plans in order to address the patient’s needs. For example, assessing a patient’s living situation can correlate to determining if a patient can access healthcare services or ensure compliance with medication. On the other hand, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs can be misinterpreted due to cultural beliefs and upbringing which can influence their perspective on basic human needs. For instance, certain cultures beliefs can incorporate the self actualization and physological needs as a necessity of their basic needs.  Evidently, utilizing Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is essential theory that continues to serve as a guideline in order to determine patients needs and other factors that influence the plan of care. 

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