University of Tennessee Marke

Assignment Title:
Marketing and Customer Experience Management (Hong Kong Peninsula Hotel)
Assessment Learning Outcomes:
  1. Critically assess the financial impact of sound customer experience management.
  2. Evaluate the consumer decision-making process linked to tourism and hospitality buyer behaviour and satisfaction.
  3. Judge the methods that hospitality and tourism organisations adopt to ensure competitive advantage and maximise the customer experience
Overview of the Assignment Task:
Individual Multimedia Presentation, assessing the methods adopted by the company of your choice from CW1, to maximise the customers experience and to gain competitive advantage.

Assignment Guidelines


You have been asked to produce a presentation. The presentation should contain the following:

  • Anonymous or not submission coversheet
  • Title Page, including the given title in full
  • Contents Page
  • Introduction
  • Main body, which should also be organised under appropriate headings – never use the heading main body!
  • Conclusion
  • Appendices, which should be numbered
    • Make sure you refer your reader to them as required.


Your work should be word processed in accordance with the following:

  • Font style, Arial, font size 12
  • 1.5 line spacing and justified (text equally left and right aligned)
  • The page orientation should be ‘portrait’
  • Margins on both sides of the page should be no less than 2.5 cm
  • Pages should be numbered
  • Your name should not appear on the script
  • Your student number should be included on every page

The detail is attached with the Model Answer Presentation. You should follow the request, strunture and layout. Because it is a presentation, I need a script for me to present ! The presentation will last about 10 minutes. And the Powerpoint content should around my previous Marketing audit and I will attached as well. And some links will help you to finish the work easily. The reference style should use the Harvard style. In text and the last page reference list !!!


Useful link: and some usefule materials

I think the model answer PDF is very important and should keep the company name as the same. Hong Kong Peninsula Hotel

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