University of Maryland Week 6

This week we reviewed continuity management and disaster preparedness. Imagine that you are the unit manager for your unit and serve as a member of the disaster planning committee. In preparation for this discussion, you must seek out the disaster plan for your unit. You are tasked with evaluating your unit’s disaster management plan and the roles that each member of the unit is to play in a disaster situation.

Note that a disaster hazard could range from a natural disaster to a pandemic. For this scenario, you may select a natural disaster, technology disaster, civil or political unrest situation, chemical accident, humanitarian issue, or an infectious disease scenario.

Provide a discussion response that includes each of the following prompts:

  1. What is the accessibility of the disaster plan for the unit? Describe how you were able to locate it.
  2. Briefly explain the downtime process for your unit during a disaster.
  3. What is the role of the nurse in the disaster hazard that you have chosen? How is the nurse’s role different from the nurse manager’s role? Explain the response.
  4. What improvements would you make to your unit’s disaster management plan?

  1. Explain the ethical implications associated with the management of healthcare data and the patient’s personal health record. (Essential IV.2. IV.3, IV. 6, IV. 8, IV.11, and IV.12                             
  2. Please use APA formatting                
  3. Brown, G. D., Pasupathy, K. S., & Patrick, T. B. (2019). Health informatics?: A systems perspective. 2nd edition. Health Administration Press.

Downtime Best Practices

Coffey, P. S., Postal, S., Houston, S. M., & McKeeby, J. W. (2016). Lessons learned from an electronic health record downtime. AHIMA: Perspectives in Health Information Management.

Gecomo, J. G., Klopp, A., & Rouse, M. (2020). Implementation of an evidence-based electronic health record (EHR) downtime readiness and recovery plan. HIMSS. Journal of Nursing Informatics.

Larsen, E. P. Rao, A. H., Sasangohar, F. (2020). Understanding the scope of downtime threats: A scoping review of downtime-focused literature and news media. Health Informatics Journal, 26(4).

Review the Joint Commission guidance associated with international guidance on planned and unplanned downtime:

IT Disaster Management

Health Informatics and Public Health

Crisis Management

University of Maryland Week 6

Week 6 Discussion: Intellectual Property Theft Contains unread posts


Must post first.


This week, your internship assignment takes you to the Corporate Security office, headed by the Chief Security Officer (CSO). This office has recently completed an investigation into how a competitor may have obtained copies of the confidential architectural drawings and design plans for a new type of resort that the company had planned for a recently acquired island property. At least one competitor is known to have received copies of the company’s intellectual property through an economic development office withinits country’s government. It is suspected that an Advanced Persistent Threat mechanism may have been used to exfiltrate information from Padgett-Beale’s existing hotel property within that geo-political jurisdiction. Another competitor, also operating in that geographic area, contacted Padgett-Beale’s Corporate Security Office and disclosed that it had been sent URLs for web pages containing links to the resort plans by an unknown party. The other firm wanted to make it clear to Padgett-Beale that they did not condone nor participate in such illegal and unethical taking or receiving of another company’s intellectual property.


As part of the company’s response to this theft, the CSO’s office has been asked to prepare a background briefing for company’s executives that addresses the problem of protecting intellectual property stored in digital form. The briefing must include recommendations for best practices that the company’s executives should be adopting to prevent / respond to such thefts.


Begin by reading the readings for this week. Then find additional information through your own research.


Write a 2 page summary of your research and analysis for review by the CSO’s senior staff. Your summary should begin by explaining the problem of intellectual property theft. Next, address the reasonable and customary processes and procedures which should be used to discourage or make it difficult for employees, managers, and executives to inadvertently misuse and/or steal the company’s intellectual property (at a minimum, you must address data classification and marking, separation of duties, and least privilege). You should also identify and explain five or more best practices which the company should implement as it responds to this growing problem.


Remember to list and cite your sources at the end of your research summary using a professional and consistent citation format (ADP

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