University of Harvard Parenti

 1. What was the parenting style your parents used when you were growing up? Explain.  2. What type of parenting style will you use with your children? Explain.  3. Comment on two other student responses.  Before starting this activity, make sure that you already reviewed Chapter 9 and 12(two different age ranges) and the section on conservation. Conservation is discussed under Piaget’s theory of cognitive development.  For this activity, you must find 3 videos on Youtube that demonstrate a child (either preschool aged or elementary school aged) being tested on whether they have mastered conservation or not. (Just search conservation piaget test on child and you will find videos). You must include the link to each video to receive credit. With each video, describe what is happening in the video and whether the child has mastered conservation. Then, explain whether or not the child’s actions support Piaget’s theory of cognitive development which discusses conservation.  Piaget’s theory on conservation describes how children in certain age ranges will have mastered it. If you are watching a video of a child that has not mastered it but is in the age range that Piaget says should have, then that is what you document or vice versa.  You must write in complete sentences.  Assignment must be submitted as a Microsoft Word Document, PDF, or RTF.  Here is a sample video, this one will NOT count as one of your 3 since I provided it. Also, the attachment that I have provided gives you an idea of the different types of conservation tasks that you might see in the youtube videos.  This week’s discussion corresponds with the documentary that you viewed for this week’s assignment #6. After you have watched the documentary that is linked to assignment #6, respond to the questions listed below!  Do you feel that the government should have more control over what is served in schools to children? Do you believe the there should be more regulations in how products can be advertised to children?  Your response needs to somehow document that you actually watched the video so make sure you include examples from the video when providing your answers to the questions above.

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