UNC Reflecting on Acrylic Pai

Assignment #3: Self-Portrait


  • An artwork created by you that is a self-portrait
  • A two-page, double-spaced (500 words) minimum typed artist’s statement that discusses the self-portrait
  • Assignment: The roles of identity, the body, and self have all been part of the artistic experience, but the 20th and 21st centuries, in particular, focused on these concepts and the ambiguities of such identification. Make a self-portrait. This self-portrait should be a personal expression and it can be made in any medium or technique—drawing, painting, sculpture, photograph, film, mixed media; any medium is acceptable, but some thought into why you are using a particular medium must be demonstrated and explained. If you use a photograph, it must be taken by you or manipulated in such a way that shows creative expression. Try to think of several things that are very important to you and use them to inform your self-portrait. You might consider using artistic styles that we looked at in class or think about how your self-portrait relates to one or more styles or movements, either those you liked or you felt were relevant to your sense of self. Consider aspects such as choice of medium, size, composition, elements, and principles of art. Write a two-page description/explanation that conveys the meaning of your self-portrait.
  • Rubric

    Self-Portrait Rubric (2)

    Criteria Ratings Pts
    This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Student has created an original self-portrait using any medium and has uploaded an image(s) of it in Canvas by deadline. The artwork reflects creative expression, thought, and effort.
    75 ptsFull Marks 0 ptsNo Marks
    75 pts
    This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Student has submitted a typed, double-spaced meaningful artist’s statement that describes his or her process, choice of medium/technique, choice of style, how the artwork reflects his or her perceived identity or sense of self, and other thoughtful discussion on self-portraiture. The statement is well organized, clear, and shows thought and effort. The submission includes the student’s name, date, and course name/number. The artist’s statement is free of excessive grammatical and spelling errors, and meets the required length.
    75 ptsFull Marks 0 ptsNo Marks
    75 pts
    Total Points: 150
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