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Please based on the document(Result of the experiment) to write a discussion of the result. I have also attached an exampleThe requirement is the following:

  1. Discussion
    • For this part of your project, you are expected to discuss your findings in relation to other published scientific literature on the topic. Think of this section as a “compare and contrast” of your work to published scientific literature. You must use scholarly, scientific research articles published in peer-reviewed academic journals. Websites, blog posts, and other non-academic sources are not acceptable. Remember to CITE YOUR SOURCES/REFERENCES in proper APA format.
    • Be careful of automated citation generators, as they often make mistakes in proper formatting. Please refer to this website for information on how to format your in-text citations as well as your reference list: https://www.mendeley.com/guides/apa-citation-guide (Links to an external site.)
    • There is no length requirement for this section, however a thorough, comprehensive evaluation and discussion of your findings is expected, and difficult to achieve in less than 1 page.
    • To receive full credit on this section, your paper should include the following:
      • All literature discussed must come from peer-reviewed academic journals.
      • Information from other sources must be stated in your own words. Using quotation marks to “give credit” to the author does not demonstrate your understanding of the material.
      • Insightful comparisons should be made between your findings and at least 5 scientific journal articles.
      • All figures and tables should have descriptive titles and should include a legend explaining any symbols, abbreviations, or special methods used. Figures and tables should be numbered separately and should be referred to in the text by number, for example:
        • Figure 1 shows that the activity decreased after five minutes.
        • The activity decreased after five minutes (fig. 1).
      • Discuss your findings in relation to your hypothesis
        • Did your results reveal what you had predicted? Why or why not? •
        • Discussion must include whether your findings agree or disagree with your hypothesis. There should also be a brief commentary on where one could go from here with the experiment.
        • This section of your report should concentrate on general trends and differences and not on trivial details.
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