SPC Psychology Discussion

A) I believe I have developed a leadership style throughout this course. Before taking this course, I was all over the place. The leadership style that I have adjusted to would be transformational. I believe in the phrase “group work make the dream work.” In my opinion, working in a group of people is better than being alone. Once someone comes up with an idea, it will be better for the group to achieve their goal. This course has also taught me that leading will not always be easy. Once you develop a great amount of patience, then everything else will flow. Lastly, to be a great leader, a person must understand the importance of becoming a successful leader, before leading others. I also learned that the goal of becoming a leader is to ensure that everyone on the team is satisfied with the choices that are set before a final decision is in place.

B)I will approach leadership differently by including my groups or future staff members in any type of changes that’ll be put in place with the group or organization. Leading is a working progress so, I will contribute to everyone’s ideas and thoughts to let everyone have a say so. I came to the realization that if peers have a say so, it will be easier for them to adapt to the leading style. Before initiating a leadership style in the workplace. I will first figure out what type of leadership style will best work in certain situations. Then I will decide on how I should lead. One thing that I would do differently would be involving staff or my peers in figuring out what style will work best. Lastly, when everyone sees the changes in leadership, they will also follow along because of the accomplishments that will be formed based on the leadership style that’s being demonstrated.

SPC Psychology Discussion

1) After reading this statement, the first thing that came to my mind was the serenity prayer, which is, “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” For me, this statement goes deep. It’s basically stating that having the awareness of something is the most important thing. Once you have the awareness you have the ability to change what you are facing, if that’s possible, but not everything that you are going through can be changed. This reminds me of someone in my sponsor family who has breast cancer. She spent years scared to go to the doctor’s because she was afraid what she would find out. Finally she got the courage to go and found out she had breast cancer and luckily they caught it in time before it had spread but unfortunately she had to have her entire right breast removed. I think this goes very well with the statement because if she wouldn’t have faced the problem when she did she would have died, and because she finally decided to face it she was able to change the outcome of it.

2) The quote that “not everything can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced” has a deep meaning, as Benatar (2017) explained.

Some of the challenges that exist every day might be hard to face and handle correctly. However, for a task to be changed or manipulated, an attempt has to be made. A good example is when an organization has a new way of advertising a commodity in a company. If the organization was initially using pamphlets, and a new way has been introduced of using social media, implementing the change might be very hard for some workers. However, they must face the fears they have to confirm that the change cannot be implemented. Eventually, most of these changes are successfully accepted by the employees. The quote is meaningful in this context because if the employees decided to be part of the change providers, they needed to ensure that they had tried their part.

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