South University Week 1 Wayfi

THis was the non profit company chosen and approved below.

For the course project, you will conduct a program evaluation. You are to select a nonprofit or public program you know well or can obtain the needed information about to use for the project. You will assume the position of program evaluator and use information about the program to conduct an evaluation. As a comprehensive evaluation needs to be conducted in a five-week time frame a small to medium program should be selected for which the needed program information can be obtained.

For the evaluation, you will:

  • Select a nonprofit or public program for evaluation and get approval from the instructor prior to proceeding
  • Discuss the organization’s history, mission statement, and programs
  • Provide detailed information about the specific program selected for evaluation
  • Identify the major stakeholders for the selected program
  • Identify the type of program evaluation to be conducted and discuss why
  • Identify potential ethical issues related to the program evaluation process and propose strategies to address the issues
  • Identify the evaluation criteria that will be used
  • Design the evaluation methodology including identifying data sources, methods to collect data, and data analyses
  • Predict the evaluation results and develop findings
  • Discuss how the findings will be presented to stakeholders and stakeholders’ likely reactions to the findings
  • Discuss strategies to encourage utilization of findings
  • Discuss learning cultures and how to facilitate the development of a learning culture

For Week 1, complete the following:

By Day 2 of this week, select a program to evaluate. Email your instructor the organization’s name, program’s name, how you will gain information about the program, and a URL/link to the organization’s web site. You need the instructor’s approval prior to beginning the week 1 assignment. This may take a day or two so complete this requirement early in the week.

Once you obtain approval, discuss the organization’s history, mission statement, and programs. Provide a more detailed description of the specific program that will be evaluated. Identify the program’s major stakeholders. Finally, identify the type of program evaluation that will be conducted and provide a rationale for why.

Submission Details:

  • Submit your assignment in a 2- to 3-page Microsoft Word document.

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