Sources of Data Discussion

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Your assignment is to explore the sites listed below. Federal and State government Departments of Health collect a tremendous amount of data. Learning where and how to access health/mortality data is the first step in creating evidence based policy. I want you to be familiar with where to look for this data and how to use it.

For your discussion, I want you to explore any or all of the three sites listed and explore the data available. Choose a topic for deeper exploration. For instance, if you are interested in immunization rates you might look under the Minnesota Health data under Life Stages and Populations. Under the immunization tab, you will find a wealth of information on immunizations in the state of Minnesota. Looking at the map of immunization rates for 3 year old kindergarten, you can see disparities between each county’s rates. Some very high, some low. What are the implications of these disparities? Consider how you might access this data for a policy change in your state or region or as related to your policy change paper topic.

Share with your group:

1) What data set you chose and why,

2) What did you find of interest in this data set,

3) What implications are there in the data for a health care related issue,

4) Relate the findings in the data to a health policy that needs to be developed, changed or updated.

Remember to cite your data set and any other research used to support your discussion. Allow your classmates to follow along with your data by providing the links to the sites or sources in your post.

1. MN health data:

2. Federal Health Research and Service Administration

3. CDC National Center for Health Statistics

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