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This needs to be final draft ready

please do the work cited page in correct format, and please quote /end the quote the proper way

Essay Prompt:
Although some colleges are starting to reinstate on ground classes, most colleges courses across
the nation remain in some kind of online/remote format. With the ongoing pandemic and
students’ growing familiarity with online education, such courses will arguably remain an
important component of college in the future. However, the technology and the pedagogy for
online education are fairly new and often not always adequately developed. Teachers and
students often lack experience and information about how to approach online education. Some
naysayers would argue that online education even in the future will never be a proper
replacement for in-person education. Nonetheless, online education is our current reality and
something that we must learn to make the best of.

The paper must include MLA in-text citations when drawing from sources.
___The paper must have an MLA Works Cited page with an entry for each source you used.

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teachers explanation prompt –

outline teacher explain

Using Sources 1

I assigned a number of articles about online education over the last two weeks. You can use those articles as sources for your paper. However, your essay should feel like an original perspective on the topic, so do not let all of your ideas and information come from just one source. You need to have multiple, diverse sources brought in. Moreover, you may find that you will need additional research for each paragraph in order to provide more information and depth to the argument. You may research entirely new sources, but your goal is to make them as strong as possible.

When using the articles I provided and searching for new sources, you should look for the following things:

  1. Try to find people who have some expertise or extensive knowledge about the topic. People who professionally study education, professors with experience with online education, or writers dedicated to the issue of online education are good choices.
  2. Try to find websites and online publications that seem smart and well-informed. If they are trying to sell an educational product, they are too self-interested to be reliable. If they are clickbait or seem too short and simple, look for a different source that is willing to take the time and space to offer a more in-depth argument. Websites and online publications dedicated to education and teaching will usually be better sources than websites and online publications that have a completely non-academic focus.
  3. Whenever possible, try to track down the information firsthand rather than just rely on what one source tells you about another source. A lot of websites and online publications simply repeat in a simplified form what another website or online publication has said. When possible, just go to that original source. If the source mentions or provides a link to another source, especially if it is scholarly article, try to visit that link or find that article if possible and use it instead.

Using Sources 2

When you are using sources in your paragraphs, remember the following issues:

  1. To avoid plagiarism and a low grade, any exact language from the source that you choose to use must be quoted, even if it is only a few words.
  2. Even if you do not quote, whenever you take information or ideas from a source you must cite the source. It is still plagiarism to take other people’s ideas without citing and giving them credit.
  3. This is your essay, so most of it should be your own writing. When deciding whether to quote or to paraphrase, most of the time paraphrase in your own words when using a source. When you do quote, the quotations almost always should be small: one sentence or so, or even just a few words or phrase. Quotations should always be set up with some context, and then explained for at least one sentence afterwards.Take the idea, example, etc. from the source and rewrite it in entirely new language.
  4. Whether you are quoting or paraphrasing your source, you need an MLA in-text citation. Most online sources do not have page numbers, so you put the author’s last name in the citation. If there is no author, you put a short version of the title in quotation marks inside the citation. If you choose to name the source before quoting or paraphrasing, and there is no page number, then there is nothing to put in the citation and no citation at all.

Example of author’s last name in citation:

56% of students complaint about the lack of face-to-face interaction with professors (Johnson).

Example of a source with no author, so the title in quotation marks goes inside the citation:

Lack of access to technology places lower class students at a severe disadvantage in online education (“Equity issues in online education”).

Examples of sources that are named in the sentence itself, so there is no need to repeat the name of the author or title in a citation. In fact, there is no citation at all:

According to Mark Johnson, 56% of students complaint about the lack of face-to-face interaction with professors.

According to “Equity issues in online education,” lack of access to technology places lower class students at a severe disadvantage in online education.

Using Sources 3

The following video goes over some tips for using the assigned articles and doing further research for your Essay #3:

The following video demonstrates some ways to use the sources in your body paragraphs:

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