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Fleshing Out the Narrative: Final Reflection Overview

As with any introductory-level course, this class, by definition, has had to adopt a “mile-wide/inch-deep” approach to the study of masculinities. While we have endeavored to approach masculinity from historical, theoretical, and cultural perspectives, we have nevertheless been forced to move quickly through time, ideas, and contexts as a result of our larger, “introductory” remit.

Despite this shortcoming, this class has also been designed to equip you with the critical tools required to study masculinity more broadly–to recontextualize analytical approaches to unexplored moments/manifestations within the history of masculinity and situate them within a larger narrative that attempts to communicate the ongoing history of masculinity.

At the risk of oversimplifying, this is the project driving your final reflection: the creation of a more nuanced understanding of masculinity. In pursuit of this goal, your final reflection will endeavor to fill in one of the many “gaps” our syllabus has left underexplored. Between now and the end of the quarter, you will conduct research targeted at illuminating a facet of critical masculinity studies that you feel deserves further exploration, and you will then synthesize and communicate your findings through a 4-6 page research paper. In this paper, you will be talking about consuming masculinity and all the things that go into it. Discuss the sports industry and how they commercialize and use men as a target to talk about manhood.

identifies and introduces the topic

Generates interest via rhetorical decisions

Explains why this topic is worth learning more about

Articulates why we need to care/why you care

Points toward course concepts, experiences, and texts

Creates a clear transition between what we know and what you intend to teach

Provides a sense of the scholarly conversation that surrounds your topic

Points explicitly toward the independent, scholarly research your group has conducted

Introduces clear, new, and important information that builds upon course learning

Demonstrates mechanical and rhetorical excellence

Reflection #3 Thesis and Outline:

Commercialized masculinity is a really big issue when it comes to young men and expressing their masculinity the way they want instead of living up to society’s standard.

2)Social media
3)Toxic masculinity
4)Origin of toxic masculinity

Make sure you mention these topics in the paper.

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