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Controlled Drug Examination Preparation

Answer the following 6 questions:

  1. List 3 common classes and examples of drugs often prescribed as adjunctive first line therapies in combination with analgesics, opioids and non-opioid for pain.
  2. Which DEA Schedule has the least potential for abuse?
  3. Which DEA Schedule has the most potential for abuse?
  4. What are some common side effects of opioid medications?
  5. What is the maximum dose of Lidocaine into a subcutaneous site at one time? What drug can be added to Lidocaine for subcutaneous injection to potentiate its effects?
  6. Can Nurse Practitioners furnish or prescribe drugs or devices to family members or friends?_______________________________________________________________________________________________
    • Use Ch4, 12, & 44 & Supplemental CS Readings in week 1 to answer the questions above

    ———————————————————————————————————————– Controlled Drug Examination PreparationContinue to read in preparation to complete the controlled drug study guides and to prepare for the controlled drug examination.

    DOJ State Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PDMP) Resources for all students:

    Link to Pain Management Course for Health care Prescribers:

    Important Note: California Nurse Practitioner Prescribers (Furnishers) OnlyThe following readings only apply for those of you who will be practicing in the state of California.California students will be tested on your knowledge of this additional California-specific information in Week 11, in addition to the other controlled scheduled drug assigned readings in the upcoming modules.In the state of California, nurse practitioners are required to review CURES RX, the state’s prescription-controlled drug monitoring program, in certain circumstances before and during prescribing controlled drugs.Review Controlled Substance Utilization Review & Evaluation System (CURES) information that is specific for California:

    Mandatory readings to meet the Controlled Substances II Prescriptive (Furnishing) Authority Requirements and Examination:

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