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The Future of- and Philosophical thoughts on Design Discussion Board Post and One Peer Review

Assignment Requirements

The selections you read from Verbeek pose the question of “What role do artifacts (objects) play in our technological culture and how can we understand them in the future?” After reading and viewing the materials from The Future of Design (week 14) and Reflecting on Design (week 15), what do you believe will be the future of design? Throughout this course, we examined how design has changed and been influenced by cultural events. How do you anticipate design will be described, used and evolve in the next decade? Consider design implications from COVID-19 in your response.

Post a one –two paragraph response to the questions posed above. Include references to the readings and viewings.

For the peer review, consider if you agree or disagree with the original post. Why or why not? What did the original poster not consider? Reply to one post with a minimum of a one paragraph response. You may select to comment on any of your classmates’ original posting. Please make sure everyone has a comment.

John Brownlee interviews some of the top designers in the business world on what trends we will see in design. This article was written in 2015. Are the trends things which you already see happening in the design thinking and innovation process? Are we moving towards them? Has technology changed so rapidly since 2015 that a new set of trends need to be identified?

25 Ideas Shaping the Future of Design (Links to an external site.)

Update–This is a 2017 article on the Future of Design. Has the focus of design changed this much since 2017?

9 Ideas Shaping the Future of Design (Links to an external site.)

How will the COVID-19 pandemic change the future of design?

Five Ways COVID-19 is Changing Design (Links to an external site.)

How COVID-19 will Redesign our World (Links to an external site.)

In the following video, Elon Musk (SpaceX and Tesla, Inc) describes and exhibits how new technology is assisting in the design process at his SpaceX company.

For your final assignment, I would like you to consider the readings and viewings from last week, The Future of Design and PP Verbeek’s article on Verbeek’s approach is deeply rooted in philosophical thoughts and can be difficult to grasp the first time, so focus on a general overview of his central thesis. What are his main points and intentions? You’ll be posting your final thoughts to the discussion board and commenting on one classmate’s post

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