PSY 211 San Diego State Unive

For each question – provide an answer and then EXPLAIN WHY?

Use the course vocabulary to explain the reason your answer is correct.

1-Alpha waves are characteristic of what type of activity?

2- The blood’s glucose level ordinarily remains relatively constant because of the activity of:

3- Most of the axons of the dorsolateral tract go to which side of the body?

4- The neurotransmitter GABA exerts ____ effects, and its effects are almost always ____

5- What is the primary target area on the cerebral cortex for touch and other skin sensations?

6- When are the cells in the premotor cortex (in contrast to the primary motor cortex) most active?

7- The primary difference between neuroscientists and neurologists is:

8- Mammals have circadian rhythms:

9- What do all of the following have in common: schizophrenia, Huntington’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Korsakoff’s syndrome?

10- When the range maintained by homeostatic processes is very narrow, what is it called?

11- Our senses of vision, hearing, and taste use ____ coding to communicate the meaning of stimuli in their proper context.

12- Chronically high insulin levels lead to increased appetite by

13-A free-running rhythm is a rhythm that

14- Studies of people with dyslexia support this generalization:

15- A major difference between hormones and neurotransmitters is that

16- What structure is composed of two layers of fat molecules that are free to flow around one another?

17- If you wanted to find an area of the nervous system that is responsible for excessive anxieties and fears, where should you concentrate your research?

18- Because infants move their trunk muscles much more adeptly than their peripheral muscles, we can infer that the ____ is slow to mature.

19- The basic building blocks for the majority of neurotransmitters are:

20- If you look at one of your eyes in the mirror and then shift focus to the other eye, you don’t see your eyes move unless you are on zoom!! One major reason is that:

21- Vision is to retina as hearing is to:

22- Several studies examined people who were deprived of REM sleep for a few days and then permitted to sleep without disturbance. The resulting sleep patterns of those people suggest that the need for REM sleep is to a large degree:

23- The NMDA receptor ordinarily responds to ____ and plays a key role in the process of ____.

24- Which lobe contains the primary motor cortex and the prefrontal cortex?

25- The “decision” for a neuron to fire is determined by the:

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