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We know much more about the universe today than most people realize and all of that information contradicts what most people have been taught about how everything came to be. This is an example of the kind of knowledge that can lead to unhappiness. What it tells us is that there is much to learn about the universe, and also that past knowledge that was so comforting has no evidence to support it.

The evidence to support the information seen is this video, is correspondence. The images you see are not artistic depictions. They are actual photographs picked up by the Hubble Telescope which is directed at various places in the universe from outer space. So if one were to use the phrase “seeing is believing”, then this would be a perfect example of that statement. Yes, it has been enhanced. Remember there is no color in the external world, so as a television does, the images here are created based on their various wave lengths of light. The human mind creates color based upon wavelengths, and so does photography.

The chapter presents three different ways to evaluate a scientific point of view.

  • Using the Realist View assess the video above and determine if it can be considered an accurate portrayal of what is going on in the universe.
  • Given the same video assess it using the Conceptual view. What is your conclusion concerning the reliability of the video?
  • Can we reach a compromise using both views? Have you reached any conclusions concerning the video?
  • Submission:
    • Must be a minimum of 1 pages with standard 1-inch margins in Times New Roman or Garamond font.
    • Must be double-spaced.
    • Must address the topic of the paper with critical thought.
    • Pay attention to the plagiarism score. Try to paraphrase instead of quote
    • Must include in-text citations and references in MLA style. No outside sources.
    • Name, course, and assignment top left.
    • Include a Title.

M6 D : INCLUDE A PAGE BREAK with title M6 D

The ancient Greeks invented fake news, in fact philosophy as we know it today was created in reaction to the ideas of the Sophists who taught their students to argue a point of view from both sides such that both could be considered true. In a famous play by Aristophanes, Sophists were portrayed as people who could make the weaker view stronger. In other words for the Sophists, truth did not matter. What mattered was that the student or later adult won the debate. The consequences of that attitude are grave and in fact this idea that truth is not our ultimate goal has been handed down to us in various forms. One of those forms is the view of relativism, the belief that truth is whatever someone believes is true.

The argument against this is that there usually is a certain way that events happen independent of whether or not it can be determined exactly which way it did. That is what we see happening in the video below. The video portrays a famous story by the Japanese author, Ryunosuke Akutagawa. You may have already read the story. From the the story (Section 6.5)and the video, we find that uncovering the truth is complicated. It takes patience to gather all of the facts and then piece them together such that we feel confident we know what happened. But Akutagawa upends that way of looking at things. Each of the characters in the story tells us something different and so who is telling us the truth? In order to deal with this question of truth, please answer the following questions for your assignment:

  • “In the Grove” is a good example of a relativistic point of view. Each of the characters has his or her own view of what happened. Do you think one of the characters is more trustworthy than the others?
  • If you do not think so, can it be that they are all telling the truth?
  • If they all can’t be telling the truth, then could it be that the events unfolded in a certain way? And that the way they did, cannot be determined by the evidence we are given?
  • So in this case can it be said, that motives color the perspective of the individuals in the situation, but that, if an objective observer saw what happened, he could state with certainty exactly how the husband was killed?
  • One of them did kill him, of course, and that attitude toward the situation is the way out of relativistic thinking. The world did come to be in a certain way independent of what people say and independent of whether we have enough knowledge to say exactly how. The prudent person withholds judgement when a person realizes all of the facts are not known. Can you see that if we do not accept an objective view of the world, it can lead to a culture that is confused about life’s most important questions and can feel hopeless saying, “Who’s to say?”
  • This statement implies that no one knows the truth and also that we can never know what is true. To live like this is to live a life of confusion and anxiety. Do you think many people today are in this state of confusion? What do you think we should do about ti?
  • For this assignment, 1000 words should be enough to give a good explanation of all of this

The video goes blank at times. That is part of the artistry of it. So keep watching

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