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I don’t know how to handle this Political Science question and need guidance.

Throughout the readings and information provided, the digital divide and need for internet access is a common theme to promote digital equity. I think everyone understands the issues even better due to our experiences with the pandemic. Based on the readings and other current legislation at the state/federal level, what do you think could benefit a public organization or population of interest, your current organization, and/or your region. Why will or why will not the changes work. What would you suggest? This article asks the question – I changed the assignment so we are commenting on document. The tool is and it is a collaborative annotation tool. Reference readings or other resources you find to make make your point. Referencing in this case can be referring to them like the Mueller article. Ask two questions and respond to two questions. Your responses should reflect what you think. This is an opportunity for dialogue and we can all learn from each other’s experiences and perspectives. This means, you need to make your first response early enough in the week for someone to respond to your post.

question 1- Do you think the federal government should be responsible for providing internet expansion? (There is no question they would have to fund it.) Later in this article it mentions how telecom lobbyists are slowing progress for federal standards on speeds and letting municipal broadband become a reality for all states. According to this article, the federal government is being swayed. They spend billions, but don’t allow a highly supported (3/4 Americans want municipal internet) and effective service (Chattanooga, Lafayette, Fort Collins) to become a reality. Why?

question 2- From the New America link here, it states that, “If consumers opt for professional installation, they pay an average one-time cost of $223.40 in the United States.” Perhaps the upfront cost of professional installations is part of the reason “broadband non-adopters continue to cite financial constraints as one of the most important reasons why they forgo these services” (Pew Research Center). Do you think the government or companies could lower these upfront costs? Does it really cost $220 to set someone up? Or is that pure profit?


North Carolina State Universi

Assignment 1 : Discuss hospital trends based on an online article

Assignment Details:

  • Research Hospital Trends online from reputable sites and find an article on hospital trends that interests you.
  • Create your Initial Post in the Ch. 8 Discussion Board
    • Give a summary of the article and relate it back to Chapter 8, include a page number.
    • Provide a FULL WEB LINK so that classmates and the instructor can access your article for further information.
  • Respond to at least one of your classmates’ posts.
    • Find another article in the discussion board that one of your classmates has posted that interests you.
    • Read it and relate it back to the chapter with an informative discussion.
  • Click on this link or use the Collaboration menu button to access the Ch. 8 Discussion Board.
  • Original posts and responses must be informative, accurate, thorough and complete. Research the topics first so you have something to say!
  • Do not plagiarize; summarize and paraphrase the information you research and use in this assignment.
  • Use correct grammar, punctuation and sentence structure.
  • View Rubric to see the grading criteria for this assignment.

    Chapter 8 Graded Assignment 2: Table or Chart: NC Hospital Research

    As you should have learned from your reading in Chapter 8, not all hospitals in the United States are the same. They can vary greatly by hospital type which can be defined by attributes such as ownership, revenue/profit structure, type of patient served, etc. You should have also learned that hospitals can have multiple classification types that define them (not necessarily just one). The chapter also discussed accreditation of hospitals, which is important for reimbursement (if deemed status is achieved) and quality standards.After reading the text and learning about the various types of hospitals and accreditation, please visit the American Hospital Directory website (opens in a new window) [plain text URL:]. As you will see, the link provided takes you to a comprehensive listing of hospitals in North Carolina. Use this web link and your textbook to complete the following tasks:

    • Select five (5) NC hospitals to research further (you will click on the name of your selected hospital from the web link above for more details.
    • Create a table or chart and provide the following information:
      • Name of hospital
      • Type of control (this is where the website outlines the “type” of hospital)
      • Definition of this type of hospital based on details from your textbook (if it lists multiple types, define all for completeness)
      • Type of facility
      • Joint Commission Accreditation status (provide current status date and compliance rating (this may be something like “Accreditation with Full Standards Compliance”))

    Assignment Details:

    • Use Chapter 8 from your textbook and the provided web link as your resources.
    • Refer to the applicable formatting instruction sheet (see top of Lesson section or Course Resources).
    • Do not plagiarize; summarize and paraphrase the information found and used.
    • Click on the title of this link to open it.
      • Please submit your completed Word document in this link.
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