Nassau Searching for Employme

Module 3 .Discussion Questions

  • What are some of your experiences good and/or bad, searching for employment online?
  • Who has a LinkedIn account, do you find it helpful in connection with networking?
  • Which online websites do you recommend? Are there other ways in which you found employment besides applying for online?

    Module 4: Discussion Questions

    • What is most difficult to you when writing resumes and/or cover letters? 
    • What advice can you give when writing a resume and/or cover letter that you have found helpful? 
    • Module 6: Discussion Questions
    • Have you ever been given a really bad set of instructions, how did you try and remedy the situation? 
    • What did these instructions lack that would have been more helpful?
    • Module 7  
      The importance of the usability test is to ensure that your instructions are accurate, clear and efficient. Simply ask a spouse, family member, friend or peer, to perform your instructions without your help. Ask them to provide feedback on anything that is not clear, or confusing or inaccurate. For this discussion please answer these questions:

      • What kind of specific feedback did your partner give you based on their experience performing your instructions?
      • How did this feedback help you edit your instructions? 
      • Module 8 Discussion Questions
      • What is your experience conducting research in previous courses? Have you used SUNY Farmingdale’s databases before? –
        on a separate format pdf file Please submit your topic and 6-8 sources (bibliography) of information for the Background/Literature Review assignment. You can simply write out your topic before the bibliography and use correct APA citation guidelines to list your sources. This should only be one page. Click this link for an example: EXAMPLE See link below for APA Guidelines on a Reference Page: APA Reference Citations
      • What is your tentative Background assignment topic and how do you think you will need to conduct research on this topic?

        Module 9: Discussion Questions:

        • Now that we all have a Background (Literature Review) topic and we have done research, what has been the most challenging?
          Module 11 Discussion Questions:

          • After learning about progress reports, what do you feel is most important about maintaining progress reports in the professional world? 
          • Have you ever completed a progress report, or something like a progress report? If so, for what reason and what important role did it play in your place of employment.
          • ESSAY 1 Write an essay pdf format for the following:  For this assignment, students will be researching at least 6-8 references/sources/articles to help them get better acquainted in doing the research and presenting this information in an informative essay/article. Students should choose a topic that closely and specifically, relates to their final proposal later in the semester to help students become informed about their proposal. In other words, this assignment helps you demonstrate your familiarity with the background information you will need to know about your proposal assignment topic. It also allows students/writers to call attention to areas within background information or research that are missing/lacking to better help persuade the audience of the student’s final proposal.This assignment is separate from your final proposal and students should not include their proposal ideas in this literature review.When writing a literature review remember that you are writing/paraphrasing what other critics/researchers/experts are “saying” about that specific topic, students are not writing about their own ideas/perspectives. Thesis statements are generally, statements about what the research suggests. When writing the literature review, each paragraph should be broken down and reflect an idea/topic area of the research you have reviewed/read, not written/broken up by each article but by topics within the research. In other words, literature reviews should be organized by ideas reflected by the overall research. Students will be using APA in-text citations and include a Reference page at the end of their literature review.This is the only assignment that will appear “essay-like” in format this semester. However, students can use headings if there is a lot of information that needs to be broken down more clearly.Guidelines:? This assignment should be at least 2-4 pages long depending on your topic. (Ex: A literature review done on a topic for a research grant will probably be a bit longer than researching a current industry for a business plan). I am looking for quality over quantity and, how well you can write about your research topic.? Thesis statement: an overall statement (not argument), about your findings on your topic based on your research. The only exception is if the research itself presents an argument.? Body: essay-like, can use headings/subheadings, organize paragraphs by topic/ideas? Please write this assignment in “third person”? Please use APA when citing sources, this also includes:? 12 font -Times new Roman? Double spaced but will accept single spaced* ? Cover Page? You do not have to include an abstract? A Reference Page? Students must have at least 6-8 references? Visit Purdue Owl for further instruction for APA Guidelines
          • Module 11 Discussion Questions:
          • After learning about progress reports, what do you feel is most important about maintaining progress reports in the professional world? 
          • Have you ever completed a progress report, or something like a progress report? If so, for what reason and what important role did it play in your place of employment.
          • Complete below on a separate doc pdf format –
            Please upload the first draft of your progress report.Students should include their name in the subject. DIRECTIONS:  Progress Report Assignment EGL 310: Technical WritingThe main function of a Progress Report is to give a written “report” of the work being done on a current project. Whether the Progress report is written for the client/investor/company you’re sending it to or, the department/individual supervisor you work for, progress reports ensure that work is being done and being done efficiently.For this assignment students will be writing a progress report on the “progress,” writing/research you are doing on your own final proposal assignment. In other words, students are using their Final Proposal as the end goal here. This assignment becomes twofold. First, it allows students to learn the basic sections of a progress report. Second, it allows students to use the progress report as an outline of how they will complete their final proposal.Students will copy and paste the template below( I screenshot the template and uploaded it so you could see) and fill it in for this assignment. Please be sure to read over the template carefully as sometimes students get sections of this assignment confused. This assignment will be written in memo format. Students can use the information provided from their Background (literature review) to help fill in some of these sections.This Progress Report “memo” should be written out professionally. Remember that this assignment should include clear and concise writing, and be free of jargon. The audience of this assignment will be me, your Professor (but think of it more as an acting supervisor that needs to look over your progress report to ensure that you’re on the right track before writing your final proposal). Remember that in real-time, progress reports will vary, they will look different, be formatted differently, etc., depending upon who you are reporting to and why. Again, this is a report, not a paper/academic essay, the memo should be informational, written in first and third person. Further, remember that format is equally important for clarity.Please follow the template below, copy and paste into a new document and fill in each section:   Memo: Progress Report on ______(insert title of proposal)______.To: Nicole PetersFrom: Insert Your NameDate: November 5, 2018Re: (Insert title of your proposal)Audience (keep all headers in as is*)Tell me who the audience is for your final proposal and why this is your audience (explain).Choose a specific individual/company/investor/organization that will be the “audience” for whom you    are submitting the proposal to. Ex: I am asking Bank of America for a $250,000 loan to help fund my business. (short paragraph or a few lines)ProposalIn this section provide an overview/summary of your proposal. Include the purpose, a description, define anything that needs to be defined (ex: what is an expansion team?) and, the importance of your proposal (what is significant about your proposal? If you were to really submit this proposal, why should your audience accept/grant/approve your proposal). (short paragraph)BackgroundThis section should include any background knowledge that helps support your proposal. Students can use the information gathered from their Background(literature review) assignment and summarize here. Students will have a chance to include more information from their literature reviews within their proposal. At this point, you can point out how this information can support your proposal. (short paragraph or two, keep citations in)Problems/Unexpected InformationThis section should include any unexpected and/or surprising information that has impacted how you will write your final proposal. For example, maybe you wanted to open up an Italian restaurant in a specific neighborhood but after your research, you discover that this neighborhood already has 3 Italian restaurants. This would probably encourage you to change the location. Or, last semester I had students who wanted to propose to the NCAA to pay college athletes, but then the NCAA did vote to allow athletes to get paid in a specific way.Negative Impact/OutcomesIn this section please provide any information that will show a downside/negative impact of your proposal if submitted and accepted, and prove why the benefits of accepting your proposal surpass any negative outcomes or backlash. (short paragraph)CostsProvide a summary of costs that apply or are associated with your proposal. Think about how much this project will cost? How did you come up with these numbers (this should be factual)? (short paragraph OR a few lines with a graph or table, etc.) Every proposal will have some sort of cost attached to it. For now, in this section, try to estimate.       Time Plan ()this section should consist of a few lines/short paragraphs along with bullet points and headings/subheadings, etc.? Work Completed? In this section provide a detailed summary of work that has already been completed onyour proposal. (In this case, at the very least, your background information has beenwell researched (Lit Rev.), so just bullet point:? Ex: Background research? Work Remaining? In this section provide a brief summary of work that has yet to be completed on yourproposal. Students can simply review and decide which sections need to be completed in their proposal and list these out in bullet points. (Note: Look at the sections that you have not completed for your proposal and this would suffice as “what needs to be completed”).? Ex: Introduction? Background (and so on)    ? Plan of action? In this section provide a detailed plan of action. In other words, give a detailed weeklyplan of how you will finish your final proposal assignment. There are about 3 weeks left in the semester, this section will allow you to literally “plan out” a schedule for yourself in real time, to complete the final proposal. This section should include dates/days and a specific time frame of work to be completed). Remember to leave room/time for reviewing, proofreading and revising your proposal.  ? Ex:? Tuesday,? Thursday,? Tuesday,? Thursday,4/16/19: Sections ___ & ____ to be completed (3 hours) 4/18/19: Sections ___ & ____ to be completed (3 hours) 4/23/19: Revise & Edit sections _______(2 hours) 4/25/19: Proofread sections ________(1 hour)
          • Module 13 Discussion Questions:
          • What kind of proposal are you choosing to complete for this assignment? Why did you choose this kind of proposal? This is a good place for all of us to chat about our ideas and provide feedback, especially for students who are still in between ideas. 
          • Module 14 Discussion Questions:
          • Since this is our last full week of classes, I’d like to use this time and discussion as an open forum for our final proposals, please post questions, concerns, or even helpful tips/feedback here.
          • ESSAY/ All students will be writing a proposal for our “final” assignment (this is not due until the end of the semester). Students will choose which type of proposal they want to write. Please choose a proposal that closely relates to your professional interests or, your field of academic study, as this project will most likely become a template for you in the future.What is a proposal?? A proposal “asks” an audience to “approve, fund or grant” permission for a project(McMurrey).? Examples include business plans, writing a research grant, or even proposing anidea/project to your supervisor to enhance the workplace.? Ex: Students who choose to write a business plan, are choosing and asking, aspecific investor to ‘fund’ with start-up costs, etc. You can write a proposal for,? Your place of employment (or company you want to work for),? An academic grant to fund research (for your major),? For any organization you are affiliated with (a club, church group, fraternity, sorority, etc.) ? A grant for a non-profit organization? Business Plan, Marketing Plan or,? Other (see me with other ideas).Guidelines/Criteria:? Remember, choose something that interests you or a proposal in real-time that canbecome a template for your professional career, as it will make writing about your proposal easier. You are the “expert” or, will become an expert on the topic of your proposal.? What should be included:? Generally, this will vary depending upon which project you choose. I haveincluded tips, information and examples of these different types of proposals inModule 14.? Your proposals will be at least 4 pages (but no more than 10) pages. Please beadvised that this is not an academic-like essay. You may need to include headers/sections, tables, graphs, or bullet points, in order to present your information clearly (and of course this will make for more pages).? Remember, the focus of this assignment is on your writing skills and how accurately and clearly you can persuade your audience to approve, fund or grant your proposal.? Choose the appropriate format for your proposal (ex: if you choose a business plan – most likely you’ll use a business plan template).
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