MUSIC 301 Ohlone College Prog

Part 1

you will watch “Amadeus” and write a review in essay form.

You will need to rent the movie, it is not currently streaming on Netflix but resourceful students have found it free online in the past.

After viewing Milos Forman’s movie “Amadeus” write a 500 word review in essay form. Use newspaper/magazine reviews as models (do a google search, find what other writers have written in their reviews about this movie. Be sure to cite your source).

Hints; Review the movie as a movie, review the music within the movie, review the historical content of the movies ( again find sources and use their work but give them credit). Be objective as in the concert report but end with a subjective paragraph. A paragraph using each hint and you will easily have 500 words. Points will be taken off for essays less than 500 words.

part 2

– Here we have a progression of Symphonies from Vienna. Haydn and Mozart’s last symphonies. Beethoven and Brahms’s first symphonies and one of the last symphonies of Mahler and the only Symphony of Anton Webern. Using the questions below compare and contrast all the works. You may do this assignment in essay form or do it in a graphic way listing movements but also answering the questions with full sentences. Free form and creative, past students have done this assignment as a spread sheet. Make your work chronological and do it in an organized way. I suggest you start out your research with a list of the works, dates and movements and go from there. As usual if you have questions please don’t be afraid to ask me for ideas and advice.

Haydn – Symphony 104

Mozart – Symphony 41

Beethoven – Symphony 1

Brahms Symphony 1

Mahler Symphony 7

Webern Symphony Op. 21

What are the dates of composition for each piece? The premier of the work and also when they started composing that piece?

How long did it take for the composers to write the pieces?

What are the dates of birth and deaths of each composer

How many movements does each piece have? – note differences and similarities –

What are the tempo markings for each movement of each piece? tempos (fast or slow) note differences and similarities

What are the forms of each movement of each piece? Sonata allegro – theme and variation – rondo – something else? – Note the differences and similarities.

Which one of these composers is known as the father of the symphony?

Which three of these composers knew each other?

Which one of these composers was afraid to write his first symphony because he knew he would be compared to Beethoven?

Which one of these composers was afraid to write his 9th Symphony because Beethoven and also two other Viennese composers (Schubert and Bruckner) died after writing their 9th symphonies?

Do all the symphonies have something in common?

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