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he Draft Interdisciplinary Research Proposal will help you practice writing a research proposal for the PRST 4995 course. An acceptable interdisciplinary research problem requires perspectives of at least two academic disciplines, and the problem should relate to at least one of your areas of emphasis, concentrations, or minors.

Remember that Dropbox assignments should conform to the following requirements:

Draft Research Proposal Requirements

The Draft Research Proposal should include the following elements, including appropriate in-text citations for any information used from outside sources:

1. APA Title Page

Include the assignment title, student name, institution, running head, and page number

2. Interdisciplinary Research Problem Statement (1 paragraph)

The problem statement should be clear, define the scope of the problem, and include context explaining why it is important to investigate the problem. Refer to pages 265 – 268 of Chapter 10 in the Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies text for examples of research problem statements.

3. Justification for an Interdisciplinary Approach (1 paragraph or approximately 150 words)

Explain why the problem is complex, related to more than one discipline, cannot be solved by only one discipline, and is an unresolved or important issue. Refer to pages 268-275 in the Introduction to Interdisciplinary Research text for examples of statements justifying an interdisciplinary approach.

4. Relevant Academic Disciplines (1 paragraph or approximately 150 words)

Identify and describe the disciplines potentially related to the research problem. Then, based on your preliminary literature search and article reviews, identify 2-3 relevant academic disciplines that likely have insight into an interdisciplinary approach to your proposed research problem and explain your rationale for including these disciplines. At least one discipline must be the same as one of the disciplines described in question 3 above.

5. Connection to Disciplines (1-2 paragraphs or approximately 300 words)

Provide evidence that the research problem is connected to your previous academic coursework by explaining your areas of emphasis, concentration, and/or minor (if applicable), and include a list of 3 – 5 relevant courses you have taken (or plan to take) at the 2000, 3000, or 4000 level. Specify the course prefix, number, and title, as well as a brief description of what you learned in the class that relates to the research problem (do not copy course descriptions directly from the undergraduate catalog). At least one of the disciplines in your background must be included in the potentially relevant disciplines section above. Refer to Table 5.1 on pages 122-123 in Chapter 5 for a taxonomy of disciplines, applied fields, and professions.

6. Reference Page

Provide an APA-formatted reference page for all sources cited in the Draft Interdisciplinary Research Proposal and the four references you evaluated in your Article Reviews Assignment.

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