MTSAC Comparing the 1918 Flu

  1. Download the Essay Three Template into a Google or Word doc to get started. While this is the basic argument outline for title, introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion, you will also be practicing how to use the templates to write argumentative explanations

  2. We are building on the tools you learned in the last two essays: argument structure, metacognition, counterarguments, formal academic essay conventions and definition/analysis. We are adding the skills of (1) using comparison-contrast synthesis to write deeper academic arguments and (2) using academic sources to establish your authority.
  3. And just like Essay Two, this essay is focused on the complexity/depth of your synthesis, argument structure, and academic essay conventions. Make sure that your essay matches the Essay Three Template. Also see this week’s slide deck and mini-lecture.
  4. Be sure to consult the rubric below. Notice that it is organized following the principles of academic writing in What is Academic Writing? If you are wondering what I am looking for in your essay, the answer is there👇!
  5. The Essay Three Template (1) creates your argument’s structure. It also (2) ensures that you are writing statements. Finally, it (3) logically organizes your synthesis. Notice that this template builds directly on the structure used in last week’s Metacognition Assignment: Deeper Synthesis Chart to organize your analysis and synthesis.

      • Because you are using the template, you do not have to worry about “how” to write this essay, but rather how to explain your ideas as clearly as possible. Using the templates automatically means that you are writing statements! Focus on using the templates to clearly state and explain your ideas.

      • For your explanations you should practice using the different kinds of TSIS templates to make your synthesis and explanations as complex and deep as possible. The more you can use the templates to add statements to explain your thinking, the better your essay will be. Why? Because in academic writing, it is the depth and complexity of critical thought that determines the ultimate success of any argument. The complexity comes from the explanation for your your critical thinking

The Essay Three Template (1) creates your argument’s structure. It also (2) ensures that you are writing statement

Choose the two characteristics that you have the most evidence for. Again work smarter, not harder!

  • Use your analysis/synthesis from Metacognition Assignment: Synthesis Chart and Metacognition Assignment: Deeper Synthesis Chart to provide the reasons, explanations and examples to prove your reasoning. (I attached both below)


  • Use the sources I provided please
  • I’m doing the similarity between 1918 flu pandemic and the covid-19 pandemic
  • Use the template I provided, pay close attention when you see “Use the templates below” in the essay three templates. Please be sure to use them!!!
  • Make sure to read the whole template, when using a quotation from my sources, USE THIS: To Make Your Academic Writing As Authoritative As Possible Use the Quotation Sandwich TSIS 3
    Templates for Introducing a Quotation
    • X states (or another signal verb TSIS 2:43-4
    • According to X
    • In X’s view

    Templates for Explaining a Quotation

    • X’s point is that
    • In other words, X is arguing that
    • The essence of X’s argument is that
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