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Post your artifact for the Rhetorical Analysis assignment to the Discussion Board assignment entitled “Rhetorical Analysis Project Artifact.”

Step 1

The first step in this process is to select a document. In order to make this more meaningful for you, I would like to you select a document that is applicable for your field of study or your current profession. Acceptable items for this project would be things like a brochure, pamphlet, letter, proposal, memo, set of guidelines or instructions, or some other workplace document. It should be in print or web form. A video is not an appropriate artifact for this assignment.

You can find paper/print copies of technical documents by visiting workplaces related to your field of study. For example, if you are a nurse, go to the lobby of your doctor’s office or a neighborhood clinic or pharmacy. Most of these places have patient care documents and would be happy to share them with aspiring students in their field.

You can also look for documents online. I would recommend thinking of a specific subject in your field that would require documentation. In a Google search, enter that subject and add PDF. (So for example, I might Google “Wound care PDF.”) A PDF is a printable document (so it’s available as a pamphlet or hard copy) that has been made available online. This type of document will be MUCH easier to analyze than something like a webpage.

Also, keep in mind that you will be analyzing and critiquing the content and design of this artifact, so this assignment might be more interesting if you can find a document that has flaws.

You will need to identify your document item by the date indicated on your schedule.

This document will need to be submitted electronically along with your assignment, so you may need to scan it or take a picture of it (good quality please!) if it is not available electronically already.

You will upload this document (or a picture of it) to the Discussion Board. I will respond with feedback to let you know whether or not your document is appropriate for the assignment.

Please post either a link to your document / artifact (URL) here, or the actual document itself. You can post a .jpeg if you had to take a photo of the document, but be sure it is of good quality. Don’t forget to check back often after you have posted for my feedback (it will be available with your grade). If you receive a zero for this assignment and have submitted it on time, please be sure to look at the feedback. If your artifact seems as if it won’t work for the project or might be tricky, I will let you know and you can re-submit another possibility.

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