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I’m working on a psychology question and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

For this assignment, you will write a synthesis that represents ideas from multiple sources. To develop a synthesis you will identify for your readers how the ideas in multiple sources are related. For example, do researchers A and B support the same conclusion? Do they disagree? Does the research from each author build on or negate the others’? Your job as the writer is to make clear how your sources relate. Select from one of the options to write a synthesis about a school of thought that illustrates:

  • changes in values, principles, subject matter brought to the field of psychology.
  • how changes affected psychologists’ ways of understanding human behavior.
  • ways in which psychologists’ ask questions and conduct research.


Example as a model to write your synthesis. Write three paragraphs using the MEAL plan to write a synthesis that represents ideas from multiple sources based upon the school of thought in the context of your selected option.

Humanistic psychology is also called third-force psychology. Discuss the changes in values, principles, and subject matter that humanistic psychology brought to the field of psychology, and how these changes affected psychologists’ ways of understanding human behavior. Also, address the ways in which humanistic psychology asks questions and conducts research. Provide at least two peer-reviewed articles that support your ideas.

Consider This Situation

I have read two articles, both of which discuss third-force psychology. However, researcher A published their article more recently than researcher B. As a result, some of researcher A’s conclusions are informed by more recent best practices. How can I discuss both sources in one paragraph that revolves around the main topic of third force psychology?

To address this, create three paragraphs,

  • Paragraph 1: Changes in values, principles, subject matter
    • Main idea
    • Evidence from Researcher A and Researcher B
    • Analysis of Evidence from both sources
    • Linking information
  • Paragraph 2: Effect of changes
  • Paragraph 3: Research methods


Length: 3 paragraphs.
References: At least 2 peer-reviewed scholarly references.
Formatting: Double-spaced lines following APA style and format; a title page, abstract, page numbers, or running head are not required. See Evidence and APA for information about APA.
Font size and type: 12-point Times New Roman.

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