HN5 02 Jeff Agency Case Study

For this Assignment, you will evaluate the role of diversity awareness and multiculturalism in meeting human needs. Begin by reading Jeff’s Case Study, and consider the bias that may occur during service delivery.

Please answer the following:

  • Describe some possible common bias during service delivery process at Jeff’s agency. This should include a discussion of bias in diagnosing, assessing, and perceptions of Latino/a clients.
  • The bias of service delivery at Jeff’s agency could be intentional or unintentional such as racial microaggressions. Discuss the three forms of racial microaggressions, and how these contribute to bias in service delivery.
  • Acculturative stress can occur in Latino/a clients as they adjust to living in America. What impact might acculturative stress have on the Latino/a client’s seen at Jeff’s agency?
  • Provide some culturally appropriate suggestions on service delivery methods that can help meet the needs of the Latino/a clients at Jeff’s agency, including suggestions to help overcome the three forms of racial microaggressions.

Assignment Guidelines

Your Assignment should be a 3–4-page essay (not including the title and reference pages) and should include the following elements:

  • Title page: Provide your name, title of Assignment, course and section number, and date
  • Body: Answer all the questions in complete sentences and paragraphs
    • Your responses should reflect professional writing standards using proper tone and language. The writing and writing style should be correct, accurate, and reflect knowledge of human services.
  • Reference page: Sources in APA format
    • Include a minimum of three scholarly or academic sources, with one of them being the textbook.
  • Use Times New Roman 12-point font, double-spaced, and left aligned
  • Use standard 1″ margins on all sides
  • Use APA Formatting and Citation style
    • If you need assistance with APA style, please visit the Academic Success Center.

    Case Study: JeffJeff is a Human Services Professional who has recently moved to a new city. He was hired at a community mental agency. He speaks Spanish fluently and has worked with culturally diverse groups. The agency often receives Latino/a clients who are court ordered to receive mental health services. At the agency there is one Latina therapist and the rest of the staff is White. He often hears negative comments made by some of the therapists about Latino/a clients. He overheard one therapist saying that she diagnoses most of her Latino/a clients with personality disorders using MMPI-2 (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory) and none of them are getting better nor do they actively participate in therapy. Jeff is concerned that the agency is biased in their service delivery to Latino/a clients.

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