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please respond to the following discussion post as a peer. These are both health insurance plans funded by the government. Some Medicaid programs are funded by states with a subsidy from the federal government. Medicaid insures poor citizens as well as pregnant women and newborns. There are millions of kids with special needs that Medicaid insures. Their needs result from a range of conditions, such as Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and autism (Musumeci 2018). Some states call this program CHIP however, states had the opportunity to expand their Medicaid programs, unfortunately, the state of Florida did not. Medicaid plays a key role for children with special health care needs by making coverage affordable and covering services that private insurance typically does not (Musumeci 2018). It is generally assumed that Medicare is for senior citizens however it applies to adults under 65 with certain disabilities for example blindness. The possession of health insurance makes a difference in the future of a child with or without special needs. The children learn the importance of health care at an early age when the receive preventive maintenance.

In my current position, I encounter people that have not had any insurance or medical care in over 10 years. It is crucial that we get legislation passed for healthcare to benefit all Americans access to healthcare. Some forms of mental health counseling are permitted with both types of insurance. There happens to be hundreds of people in my county that have mental illness but have nowhere to go because they are not able to manage a home by themselves. In Florida, we have Med waiver program to assist adults with disabilities with daily living skills. This paid for by Medicaid program funding from our state. Medicare covers some home health services for seniors or disabled adults. These services can include bath assistance, light housekeeping, laundry, washing dishes, and meal preparation. Both insurances are publicly funded and the main difference is the age. Once you are on social security income or disability you will receive will qualify for government assisted insurance; hence Medicaid or Medicare. The social security administration does deduct a premium for Medicare from you monthly check. Medicaid has income limits for you being able to receive assistance. You must be in the poverty level and prove it or justify having a child with special needs to receive this benefit.


Musumeci, M. (2018). Medicaid’s Role for Children with Special Health Care Needs. Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics, 46(4), 897–905. https://doi-org.lopes.idm.oclc.org/10.1177/1073110…


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