GCCCD Python Simulation of a

Programming: Simulation of a database. Upload program and execution as 2 separate files

1. Build a list of lists called emp, using the data in file empInsert, shown in canvas files.  For reference, I use  the words “table”, “row”, and “column” , for the”2 dimensional” list emp.

For reference, I use the following names (or similar names)for columns: employee_number, employee name, job, supervisor, hiredate, salary, commission, departmentnumbers (those names of columns are not necessarily usedin the Python program .  For example, row number one will have the following data: 8369, ‘THOMAS’, ‘SECRETARY’, 8902, ’17-DEC-1990′, 1400, null, 20.  To build the table emp in the Python program, copy and paste one row at atime from the file empInsert into the table emp (again, “table” is not a standard Python keyword, I use it to represent a list of lists or 2-dimensional list).  Assumption about the data: names of employees are unique, employee numbers are unique

2. Print table emp, showing one row per line

3. Print names of employees in alphabetical order

4. Compute and print the incomes for Richard,  Mary , and Sean (income is sum of salary, 6th column and commission, 7th columnIn this assignment, null will be a variable set to 0 

5. Build a list of three columns: job (column 3 in emp),  total salary for employees with all employees with this job this job (ignore commission), and avreage salary for this job.  Print in table form

6. The first column of emp  is the employee number. The 4thcolumn is the employee number of the employee’s supervisor.  For example, row 1, Thomas has for supervisor Sean (employee number 8902).  Build a list of all employees and their supervisor (2 columns, employee name, supervisor name)).  Print in alphabetical order on employeee name

7. Build the table dept from the data in file deptInsert (in canvas).  Print it (one row per line).  The department number of the table emp (last column) refers to the department number of first column in dept.  For example THOMAS works in department number 20, which is the RESEARCH department, as showm 

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