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Assignment below:

This Discussion has 3 parts:

  1. Lymphatic
    • Define lymphedema.
    • What is elephantiasis?
    • Provide the differential diagnosis of mumps versus cervical adenitis.
  2. Thorax and Lungs
    • Define and provide an example of a disease/situation where this sign/symptom might be present:
      • Dyspnea
      • Orthopnea
      • Apnea
      • Paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea
      • Tachypnea
      • Bradypnea
      • Hyperpnea
      • Kussmaul breathing
      • Periodic breathing (Cheyne-Stokes).
    • Support your answer with a previous experience you have encountered in your career.
  3. Cardiovascular System
    • Name and write the location of the five traditionally designated auscultatory areas and explain why it is heard there.
    • A pregnant patient (32 weeks’ gestation) is having difficulty with dependent edema and painful varicosities. What can you suggest to help this patient’s problem and explain rationale?

Florida Atlantic University L

Respond with 250 words ;Stephania

The strategic control process is used by companies and firms to be able to better dictate the outcome of the strategies that are implemented, observed, measured, and altered in order to achieve goals. The strategic control process has five steps that should be used sequentially in order to achieve maximum effectiveness. A strategic control process is created by top management and it is monitored and by management as well. The first step of this process is to identify an area of focus Control that will be used to align the rest of the process going forward. In the second step of the process, standards will be developed and set so that there is a way to measure performance and goal achievement going forward. The next step it’s to observe and take notice of things that can be slightly changed so that the process is uninterrupted and improved without changing directions. The final step is to either make changes or not make changes based on the assessment of the observations and how they compare to desired goals.

It is not only important to use the steps of the strategic control process but also to identify appropriate strategic control standards. Identifying and setting the appropriate strategic control standards will allow for a process to have both direction and on interrupted tweaks and changes. In order to have the right strategic control standards, there must be a clear process set with meaningful goals that are measurable and realistic. One of the biggest issues that can be created by not having the appropriate strategic control standards is that there may be interruptions in the process, as any correction that is made to the process will redirect it and require new goals. There must be a sense of consistency and setting control standards in order to reach a firms goals.


David, F. R. (2016). Strategic management: a competitive advantage approach, concepts and cases, student value … edition. Prentice Hall.

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