ENG 102 Hudson County Communi

1- The article has many interesting points but it lacks to actually reach everyone as a whole as it only speaks to conservatives who already have a strong belief against same-sex marriages. I have always thought that there should always be a separation from church and state. The First Amendment has clauses that does not allow the government to interfere with ones right to practice whichever religion one chooses. I just never seemed to understand how although the government can not control how religion is practiced, religion can control what affects our policies. I for one believe neither one should control the other one as they both are two completely different entities. Many policies are affected on what the bible says but it also speaks of acceptance and judgement on others. Who are we to make decisions on other peoples lives? Who are we to pass judgement on others based on what they chose to do in their lives? Despite it actually speaking on what the bible believes it lacks statistics on how many people actually agree.

2-The article “Journalists Need to Stick Together and Back Each Other Up” was written by Ann Cooper and published on The New York Times on January 19, 2017. The article was written after Donald Trump was being selective on which journalist he would answer questions for. He would not answer questions for any journalist that worked for a news organization that would write bad articles about him.

The president’s actions are what motivated Ann Cooper to write this article; In the article she mentioned Shepard Smith of Fox News, who said “that no journalist should be subjected to belittling and delegitimizing by the president-elect of the United States”. Shepard Smith was referring to Donald Trump’s press conference attack on a CNN reporter, after the channel published a report about the intelligence dossier on Trump and Russia. Ann then went on writing about how there are many journalist that are rivals that would criticize one another. She was against this, as she stated in the article, “You’re all in this together. If you don’t support each other, if you don’t defend each other against attacks, you make all journalists more vulnerable to the politicians who would silence dissent and shut down investigative reporting. It’s a lesson American journalists will learn the hard way if they do not remain unified in this new Age of Trump.” I agree with her, they do need to work together to stop Trump and his disrespectful ways, and get him to respect all journalist and treated them all fairly. Even though through out his entire presidency, he never respected anyone, media, journalist, colleagues, etc. But if all journalist stick together, they can show future politicians that Journalist needs to be treated with respect and not belittled. In the article, she mentioned what a Columbia Journalism Review writer suggested: “picked up the CNN reporter’s line of questioning, or even refused to continue asking questions, until the president-elect acknowledged” a question from CNN?

As Ann wrote in the last sentence of the article, “When Trump attacks one, he attacks us all.”

ENG 102 Hudson County Communi

1- Arguments often go the wrong way because the way people communicate can be misinterpreted. We’ve all been in a situation of that reason. It’s important to learn from your past mistakes in an argument to better approach when you don’t agree with someone or you’re trying make a point. Instead of coming off aggressive to educate someone, I could be kinder the next time I want to show someone the right way to do something. It’s important to analyze an issue to find the right way to address the audience. Since your audience is always important, you need to be aware of your writing at all times because you want to give them a visual. They need to be able to keep interest in your writing. In argumentative writing, if possible, always provide facts. Now I can use different strategies to engage in an argumentative conversation, or writing.

2- I’d say one of the few things that I know now is the understanding of how important the target audience actually is. I’ve been able to realize that when arguing everyone is entitled to their own opinion at the end of the day so with that being said in most cases there’s rarely ever a winner because it comes down to perspective and some people may share the same views and others might not share that same view. On that note discussing how you feel and stating your main points then allowing the person/people you’re arguing with to do the same. It’ll work best always if what’s stated is factual and that’s something I didn’t do in my last argument. I should’ve mentioned why and how smoking is so terrible but I was convinced my friend had already known that and that’s why the argument was done with after the small talk that we had.

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