De Anza College Sexually Tran

  1. Watch the TED Talk: “STIs aren’t a consequence. They’re inevitable.”
  2. Compare the information provided in the TED Talk with the following lesson plan on STI’s.

TED Talk

Lesson Plan on STI’s

(You do not need to actually do this lesson plan. Just analyze it!)

  • In this activity, a teacher will prepare index cards, one per student, with the following letters written very small on the back corner:
    • 2 cards—write “S” (which stands for STI)
    • 1 card—write “A” (which stands for Abstinence)
    • 2 cards—write “M” (which stands for Monogamy, meaning having sex faithfully with only one partner after both have been tested)
    • 2 cards—write “C” (which stands for condom)
    • All remaining cards—write “U” (which stands for unprotected)
  • Quietly tell the student with the index card with an “A” on it to not sign anyone else’s index card, even if asked. Additionally, quietly tell the two students with index cards with an “M” on it to only sign each other’s index cards and no one else’s, even if asked.
  • Introduce the purpose of this lesson by stating the following: Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are infections that are spread primarily through person-to–person contact. There are more than 30 different sexually transmittable bacteria, viruses, and parasites (World Health Organization). Young people are one of the highest risk groups for STIs but unfortunately often think they are not at risk and that STIs only happen to ‘others.’ Today’s lesson will cover how you can keep yourself safe.
  • Distribute the index cards and have students sign each other’s index cards (sexual activity). Trace how far the infection spread in the classroom. Those with “C”, “A”, and “M” were not exposed. Have students stand up if they were exposed. Students who were not exposed should tell the class why.
  • Explain that during the next lesson, students will review what behaviors put people at risk of getting STIs. Conclude the lesson by reminding learners of the following key points:
    • Anyone who has unprotected sex is at risk for getting an STI.
    • Not having sex is the only 100% sure way not to get an STI.
    • Practicing monogamy lowers the risk of getting an STI.
    • STIs do not get passed from casual contact.


How do the two methods for discussing STI’s compare? (I am mainly referring to the general attitudes and beliefs about STI’s…are there any biases or stigmas embedded within these different perspectives about STI’s?). Discuss overall impressions or anything you find effective or problematic (230 words).

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