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Rough Draft Body 1 Summary

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  1. Follow the directions below to create sentences, and then you will put it all together to make body paragraph 1 🙂
    To get full credit, you must work through this worksheet, answering all the questions, and then put those sentences together to create your paragraph.

2. After you post, please review another student’s work with a minimum of 5 sentences, telling them what they did well, what things they could change to improve, and ask any questions you have.

Part A: Use a transition + Write the topic sentence for your summary paragraph.
Review the lecture on writing a summary to help you.

Remember, a topic sentences for a summary requires the following:

Author and book title + action verb + author’s thesis or big idea in chapters 4,5,6.

Example: In his book Michael Dell turns the PC World Inside Out, Andrew E. Serwer claims that Dell’s low-cost, direct-sales strategy and high quality standards account for Dell’s enormous success.

Action Verbs:



refute the claim





argue against










Write your topic sentence here:

Part B: Briefly discuss major ideas in the 3 chapters

Caution: Do not copy phrases or sentences. Instead, use your own words.

Avoid unnecessary words like “This chapter discussed…” “I am going to tell you about…”

Let the author speak. Keep yourself out of it. Don’t say anything like this: “To me, the most interesting…” “I was surprised to learn that…” Statements like these indicate a personal RESPONSE. They do not belong in a SUMMARY.

Here’s an outline for summary sentences:

Transition + In chapter 4, write 3 summary sentences capturing big ideas.
Transition + In chapter 5, write 3 summary sentences capturing big ideas.
Transition + In chapter 6, write 3 summary sentences capturing big ideas.
[I know you may not have read chapter 6 yet, so no worries. You can add these two sentences in later 🙂 ]

Write your sentences here:

Part C: Write a concluding sentence that uses a simple transition like in conclusion and then re-states the thesis but in different words.

Write your conclusion sentence here:

Part D: Put your sentences together and write your summary paragraph below:

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