CSU Project Management Simula

Use the simulation tool, Project Management Simulation: Scope, Resources, Schedule V2 (Product #: 4700-HTM-ENG), to complete this assignment.

For Option #1, complete the following:

  • Week 4: Complete Scenario A
  • Week 6: Complete Scenario B
  • Week 8: Complete Scenario D

Part 1:  Simulation

  • Your Role. Senior Project Manager at Delphi Printers Peripherals, a small electronics and computer peripheral manufacturer.
  • Your Task. You assemble and direct a product design team to develop a new and innovative consumer printer. Delphi has intelligence suggesting that a competitor is launching a printer with similar features and capabilities in six months, putting pressure on you and your team to develop a new printer that can compete effectively against the competitor’s offering.

You will benefit from playing the simulation multiple times using di?erent scenarios to experience various project challenges. The scenarios you can work on include:

Scenario A Easily achievable targets, with even weighting between objectives.
Scenario B Project has staffing crisis mid-project. Project will lose up to 3 staff members and be unable to hire for 2 weeks.
Scenario C Competitor issues surprise announcement mid-project. Schedule target will move up and points for schedule will increase.
Scenario D Very difficult management targets, with points weighted towards schedule compliance.
Scenario E Very difficult management targets. with points weighted towards scope compliance.

  • Simulation Goals. Successful completion of the project. Success is rated on the following metrics:
    • Scope
    • Schedule
    • Resources (cost)
    • Team process (morale and stress).
  • Simulation Timeline. The simulation will continue until you either complete the project successfully or decide to end it prematurely.

During Weeks 4, 6, and 8, perform the simulation multiple times and try changing input parameters to obtain a better score and complete the scenario with better results. In doing so, you will benefit from running the sessions using di?erent options and trying different action items to experience various project challenges. After completing the simulation session, save a screen shot of the confirmation page showing your total score.

Part 2: Written Assignment

Write a two page paper describing the scenario you completed this week, the intent of the simulation, and your lessons learned. Identify a minimum of four what-if assessments that resulted in obtaining a better score and completing the scenario with better results. Use scholarly resources to support your findings.

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