CMST 386 UMGC Website Creatio

I’m working on a html / css project and need support to help me understand better.

Please see website proposal and code attached, please not this web page should be a minimum of 10 pages and includes a reflection word document. Please ensure to use – CSS3 validator – to validate the site.

Note: You may NOT create web pages for this class using HTML authoring programs, such as Dreamweaver, SharePoint Designer, InDesign, etc. You should also stay away from page or code generators or pre-made templates. This is your opportunity to start from scratch.

You will design and build the website you identified and explained in Project 2: Website Proposal/Plan.

  1. HTML Pages
    • Your completed website must contain a minimum of 10 pages, properly hand-coded by you, meeting the specific requirements listed in the grading rubric.
    • Include a hero image in the design of the final project. (Hint: this can be on the main page (index.html) or in the overall design of the site)
    • Generate a privacy policy using a free privacy policy generator ( must include information on collection of personally identified information (PII), usage of information, cookie policy and third party information usage.(Hint: this must be in the format as the website; this counts as one of the ten pages)
      • Link privacy policy in footer of website not in main navigation.
    • Navigation must be between 4-7 main level links only; should remain the same links from page to page.
    • Each html page must contain at least 25 relevant words in the content; no placeholder text, under construction, coming soon, to be determined/announced.
    • Project must have an overall title; each page should have its own title that matches main navigation. [Hint: Services link in main navigation should link to a page titled Services].
  2. CSS
    • Must contain and implement a minimum of 15 styles including styles for all html semantic tags used.
    • Use good heading hierarchy with one h1 tag on each page; and other h2-h6 tags for lesser importance.
    • Utilize at least 4 relevant icons from font awesome ( in the design of the final project.
    • Implement a basic CSS transition feature relevant to the website content.
  3. Accessibility
    • Use a color contrast analyzer to make sure foreground/background colors and font size meet a minimum ratio of 4.5:1 on all pages
    • All images must include relevant alternate text for accessibility [Hint: a logo should not be alt=”logo”]
  4. Images
    • Must include images that are optimized for the web
    • Images must be stored locally and not linked from a third party site.
    • At least two images must be linked to either a webpage, file or another image.
    • At least two images must not be linked in the project
  5. Form
    • Create an accessible form with two required fields
    • Include the following input fields and labels: text, text area, select list, check boxes, radio buttons, and submit button
    • Form action must be to a mailto link not php function.
    • Include fieldset, legend, labels and tab indexes in the form development
    • Include input field placeholder text to provide user hints for form input.
  6. JavaScript
    • Add a date/time script in the footer of all pages that displays the current date/time (Hint: do not use a clickable button to display time/date).
    • Implement JavaScript form validation on the form page
  7. Search Engine Optimization
  8. Additional Instructions
    • Link Project 4 to the index.html page in the www folder
    • Upload project folder and all pages/files to the NOVA server
    • Apply appropriate file/folder permissions for each
    • Validate HTML and CSS. Include the results in the Project Reflection (not on the web site). (HTML5 validator – CSS3 validator –
  9. Project Reflection (MS Word document or paste the information in the textbox of the Assignment folder on submission)
    • Include HTML validation screenshots for all ten html pages and CSS validation screenshot for the CSS file.
    • Include XML sitemap generated by sitemap generator
    • Respond to the following:
      • Developing a favicon that is relevant can be challenging, what did you choose to use for a favicon and why?
      • One of the fun features of CSS3 is the ability to create movement that attracts the user’s attention, how did you decide on the transition feature for this project? Do you feel it attracts the user or creates a distraction?
      • What challenges did you face in selecting a hero image for the background of your site? What steps did you take to mitigate these challenges?
      • If you did not face any challenges or issues in completing the project, what do you think are some issues or challenges someone new to creating web pages might face completing a project like this?
        Note: Your reflection must be a total of at least 250 words.
  10. Submit the URL to the project and make a zipped file maintaining the proper folder hierarchy of all of the project (all submissions require an upload) to the correct assignment folder.

Ready to upload? Check your work online after uploading the assignment to ensure the assignment link works! If you cannot see the assignment when clicking on the link you supplied, neither can I and I won’t be able to grade it.

Once you have completed the exercise you must submit the URL to the Assignment Folder. Your submission must include the full URL of the assignment (i.e. and the LESS or SASS preprocessor files used. Make sure it is working as intended including all links and images displaying. This is a best practice part of website testing.

If any of the above materials are missing from your submission, your assignment will be considered incomplete and will result in point deductions. Please view your work on the web prior to submitting.

To view a sample project, click here Sample Project 4.
Sample project may not reflect all requirements of the current project.

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