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Select an article from the RSS feed (linked below). Use this article to create your summary of significant technology innovations or security concerns over the last two weeks and the major events that have occurred.

Summarize the article in one paragraph and include another  paragraph that explains how you can use this information to enhance your life.  Be sure to include a copy of the link to the article you summarize.


Has there ever been a time when you were trying to contact your Grandparents, but they could not exactly understand how to work the iPad or phone that they were using?. No need to worry anymore; Amazon has created a new Alexa solution that enables seniors to keep in touch with their loved ones and tailor living administrators to their residents’ needs. (Alexa Smart Properties, 2021). This innovation can also allow healthcare providers to communicate with their patients without being in the room. Alexa can increase productivity in hospitals so doctors and nurses can see other patients quicker and more efficiently.

This feature with Alexa will heighten your life by ensuring that your loved ones are safe and getting the best care that they can, with the help of administrators, doctors, and nurses doing it as fast as they can. Alexa can allow you to also keep in contact with your loved ones without the stress and the anxiety behind it. The Alexa solution can significantly change the healthcare field. It offers perfect measures of privacy protection for all residents, and if you do not want Alexa to speak or say anything, you can press the mute button if needed. Overall it will illustrate the powerful way that intelligent assistants such as Alexa can help make people’s lives more convenient and much more straightforward and safer. (Wright,2021).…


Smart cities are our future. In this article Rob Enderle breaks down exactly what a smart city is and what they mean for the future. Qualcomm hosts city events to platform information on artificial intelligence and this particular article showcased the event on Quantum Artificial Intelligence and smart cities, which are methods in which future virtual versions of cities will be created and city planners can use these tools which are known as digital twins, as blueprints for how things should and could be run more effectively, cost-efficient, and bring more connectedness to the cities. Quantum computing is another concept which was introduced because the idea of the smart city will have so many data inputs and sensors that only the quantum computing approach is complex enough to handle. Smart cities if deployed correctly, promise faster responses to localized disasters, artificial and natural, better response from critical services such as EMT, fire, and police, less traffic, and incentives for cooperation and connectedness.

I think that the concept of smart cities would be beneficial to me if implemented in the future. Environmental initiatives, effective and highly functional public transportation, and confident and progressive city plans are a few of the characteristics of smart cities that I could benefit from. Smart cities also do things like improve social services, promote sustainability, and give its citizens a voice—all positive attributes that would positively impact my day to day. 

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