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1.Conclusions: (roughly 2 pages).

Create this section of the report with this assignment. Address the following:

  • Create a brief summary of the study.
  • Develop concluding remarks that summarize the major insights from your chosen study, including proposing future steps.
    • Briefly identify the new questions that emerged in your analysis of your chosen study.
    • Summarize the key points of how you will continue this inquiry.
    • Briefly address the action plan you developed in the Unit 7 discussion.
    • Briefly reiterate your future steps, including your timeline plan.
    • 2.

      Action Research Project Presentation

      Create a 5–8 minute Action Research Project Presentation for a prospective audience of the internal and external stakeholders of the program and the organization, highlighting the action research process you have followed and effectively communicating methods and practices that explain your solution to the organizational issue you have examined. This presentation should summarize the content of your Action Research Project Report for the stakeholders, demonstrating your understanding of the issue; analyzing how it was addressed in the study, including the ethical implications; interpreting what the study data suggests; and presenting your solution to the issue and plan for the future. Your presentation should also demonstrate how you used action research methods and practices to get to your solution.Your goal for the presentation is to get the stakeholders invested in your solution and to convince them of why they should provide funding. Utilize clear charts or graphs to explain the research, as this adds value to your presentation. Use PowerPoint (or a similar software program) to develop your slides, as outlined below. Use Kaltura (or a similar program) to record your audio narration of the slides and upload the presentation.The format of your Action Research Project Presentation should closely follow the structure of your Action Research Project Report. Include the following sections in 15–19 slides:

      • Title (1 slide).
      • Introduction (1 slide).
      • Background for the Study (2–3 slides).
      • Description of the Research Context for the Study (2–4 slides).
      • Results of Data Collection and Analysis (4 slides).
      • Action Plan (1–2 slides).
      • Discussion of Implications (3 slides).
      • Conclusions (1 slide).
      • References (1–2 slides).
      • References: Present at least 12 references to support this presentation, corresponding with the references you use in your report.

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