California State Photorealist

Virtual Exhibition Review

Directions: You are to view and review at least 2 virtual exhibitions listed below and compare and contrast them. You need to go through and read and view the entire virtual exhibitions before reviewing. That means viewing all the links and pages on the virtual exhibition. These exhibitions have been selected by the Professor, which means I have viewed them.

You then must type a 2 ½ to 3 page (double-spaced) review/essay of your 2 virtual exhibitions and you must include all of the following questions in order to get any credit.

Note: In the first line of the write up, list the two exhibitions that you are reviewing

  1. Give a brief description of each exhibition. Include a brief description of what you viewed. For example, give examples of objects, historical documents, photos and/or information covered in each exhibition. Should be at least one full page—2 different paragraphs –one paragraph per exhibition.
  2. Compare and Contrast each exhibition. These could be regarding both themes/issues covered in the exhibitions, as well as reviewing the style and effectiveness of the virtual exhibition. (at least 1 full paragraph)
  3. How did these exhibitions contribute to your understanding of Multicultural history, Chicano history or U.S. history in general? Give specific examples. (at least 1 full paragraph)
  4. Why are these exhibitions significant to California and Multicultural U.S. History? Give specific examples as evidence. (at least 1 full paragraph)
  5. Can you CONNECT any of the content of these exhibitions to our course CHS 245? For example, are there any themes discussed in this class or in the class readings that can also be seen in the exhibitions you chose? Give specific examples..and use direct quotes from class material as supporting evidence. For example, connect the virtual exhibitions to specific class content in the form of readings, and other course lecture material. (at least 1 full paragraph)
  6. Include any final thoughts on how these exhibitions contributed to your historical learning or historical thinking. Overall what did you learn and where there any questions raised for you.

Note: This assignment should not just be descriptive, but rather include critical reflection on how this event contributed to your understanding of history.

Be sure to use direct quotes as supporting evidence in your essay.

PDF or Microsoft Word file.

Make sure to Proof read your Review/Essay and it also needs to follow all standard formal

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