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I am writing an argumentative essay, and I need three sources that support my thesis and three sources against my thesis for the counterargument. 

Thesis Statement: Since the professors want the students to be focused and attentive, the class time should not be more than one hour.

Topic Sentence 1: Making the class less than one hour will make the students be focused throughout the entire class.

supporting sentence1: When the student has a class that time less than one hour, he will have the ability to understand the professor’s explanations.

1Supporting sentence 1:The student will be psychologically prepared for the class because he will have the idea that the class is understandable.

1 counterargument1: being focused in the class is the student’s responsibility because we should not make several students who are not attentive.

2: Making the class time more than one hour will make the students uncomfortable about the class.

2 SP: Since the class is more than one hour, the students will expect that the class is difficult to focus on.

2 SP: since the class is short, the students try to focus on the explanations because the class is short, and there will not be much information.

2CA: As we try to help the students, then we should also try to help the professor by giving them the time they need.

3: Making the class longer is unhealthy for some students.

SP: Some students cannot sit in a chair for more than one hour because they have chronic diseases that prevent them from sitting for more than one hour.

3SP: Some students will be depressed because the class is longer than they can stand.

3 CA: there should be a break for those who have chronic diseases, and the class time should be as much as the professor needs.

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– Single dimensional arrays and loops
– Single dimensional arrays and functions
– Two dimensional array
Problem Description:
You should have most of the codes form your previous home works.
Write a program that generates a sequence of 18 random numbers between 1 and 99. Assign the
18 numbers first to a single dimensional array and then to a two dimensional array with 3
columns. Display both arrays, the two-dimensional array display must look like a table with 3
columns. Each three number in sequence represents a side of a triangle. Therefore, you will have
six sets of three numbers each, which could represent three sides of a valid triangle. Use either
one of the arrays (single or two dimensional) to check each set to see if they could make a valid
triangle and if so compute the area of that triangle and copy the areas of valid triangles in another
single dimensional array. Use the array of areas to calculate the total of all areas and display
every area and the total of all areas. Use the same array to find which valid triangle has the
largest area and display the area.
Program input
Program output
1. Single dimensional array in one row
2. Two dimensional array in a table with 3 columns
3. Areas of every valid triangle
4. Total of all areas
5.  The largest area

Output Example
22 33 12 55 17 88 77 ……………………………..
22 33 12
55 17 88
77 … …
Triangle 1, area = ??
Triangle 2, area = ??
Total of all triangles is = ??? and the area of largest triangle is = ????

6. Must use arrays to save random numbers (see description)
7. Must use array to copy all valid areas
8. Must use a user defined function to generate random number
9. Must use function to calculate area of a valid triangle
10. Must use function to determine if triangle is valid
11. Must pass single dimensional array of areas to a function to calculate the total of all valid
12. Must pass array of areas to a function to find the largest area

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Step one- Define the topic and purpose

Topic: Chicago Bulls and their story

General-purpose: to inform

Specific purpose: To inform my audience how Chicago Bulls, an American professional basketball team founded in 1966, won six NBA championship titles from 1991 to 1998; their success in the 1990s is credited to iconic players such Michael Jordan, Pippen Scottie, and coach Jackson Phil

Central idea: Chicago Bulls had their greatest success in the 1990s as the team played a significant role in popularizing National Basketball Association (NBA); the team is also known for having the greatest dynasties in the history of basketball helped in winning multiple championships.

Step two- Create the outline.


  • Chicago Bulls’ success began shortly after the signing of two remarkable players of the century, Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, in the late 1980s and set the stage for the greatest achievement in basketball (Anderson, 2016).
  • The team had set the highest record of winning 72 games during the 1995-96 season, which was broken in the 2015-16 season by the Golden State Warriors, who won 73 games.


  • The two iconic basketball superstars transformed the team’s performance tremendously, and the hiring coach Phil Jackson in 1989. The Bulls put together their first “three-peat” by sprinting through the Eastern Conference then running over Portland in the ’92 Finals and Phoenix in ’93 (Crepeau, 1993)
  • The triangle offense installed by Jackson, the head coach, and his assistant Tex Winter was an offensive tactic that considered the movement of the players without the ball and their precise spacing.
  • After a one-year “retirement,” Jordan returned to Bulls and led the team to win three consecutive championships in 1996, 1997, and 1998 the second three-peat (Crepeau, 1993).


Chicago Bulls was the greatest team of its era, and Michael Jordan and Jackson Phil, the head coach, had a great supporting cast to the team achievements; the team’s past sets high expectations for the future.

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Step One – Find a TED Talk: To analyze a TED presentation, start by finding one that resonates with you.  allows you to search by topic or by speaker. Watch a few speeches until you find one that grabs your attention within the first 30 seconds and keeps you hooked from start to finish. Any TED or TEDx Talk will work for this assignment. Important Note: Please do not select a “Best of the Web” talk, as these presentations were not delivered on the TED stage.

Step Two – Take Notes: Begin your analysis by taking notes while you watch your chosen TED Talk from start to finish for the first time. What are the strengths of the presentation? What are the weaknesses?

Step Three – Develop an Analysis:After completing Steps One and Two, watch your TED Talk a second time. Create a thorough analysis of your chosen presentation by addressing the following five prompts in detail:

Identify the speaker, the title, and the purpose of the TED Talk.

Describe the storytelling in the TED Talk. What are the primary stories told? Where are these stories (introduction, body, conclusion)? Do the stories keep the audience engaged?

How does the TED Talk begin and end? Describe the techniques used to grab the audience’s attention in the introduction and to resonate with the audience in the conclusion.

Describe the speaker’s use of the following from Chapter 8: examples, statistics, testimony, and oral citations. Is the speech well supported overall? Which of these forms of support works best for the audience?

On a scale from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest), rate the TED Talk overall. Describe why you assigned that numerical rating 

and two responses for some Ted analysis


Identify the speaker, the title, and the purpose of the TED Talk.

Theaster Gates presents, “How to revive a neighborhood: with imagination, beauty and art.” The purpose of this TED talk is to educate and inform individuals and communities of how Gates transformed abandoned buildings to create community hubs that connect and inspire those who live in South Chicago.

Describe the storytelling in the TED Talk. What are the primary stories told? Where are these stories (introduction, body, conclusion)? Do the stories keep the audience engaged? The longest story was placed in the introduction, here, Gates and his father made an art piece using their tar kettle, which was previously used in their construction projects. Another key story was Gates’ first neighborhood renovation which was placed in the body of the talk. These stories represented what is, which contrasted the what could be messages in the talk, keeping the audience engaged.

How does the TED Talk begin and end? Describe the techniques used to grab the audience’s attention in the introduction and to resonate with the audience in the conclusion.

Gates started off his talk with the statement, “I’m a potter”, along with a confused look and a trailing sentence. What could a potter possibly know about reviving a neighborhood? Anticipation lined his smile as he read the crowd’s confused looks. That was the plan. It was also planned to imply with his confused expression that he was right there with them, not leaving them behind, and if they could just stay with him a little longer, everything will make sense. Gates had successfully captured the audience by startling them.

In the introduction, Gates did a great job of grabbing the audience’s attention, but my attention quickly weaned, as it took him 3 minutes to start discussing anything sounding close to the title of the talk. The first three minutes was a very long background story, which built his credibility and underlying themes of the message, but again, this was hard to see until I re-watched the talk.

In the conclusion, Gates signaled that the speech was coming to an end by referring back to the first sentence of the introduction, “…It feels very much like I’m a potter. We tackle the things that are at our wheel and try with the skill that we have…” This brought the audience to his final message, this work can be replicated by others who are passionate, no matter what they start out with and if they are willing to learn. He passed off the figurative baton to the audience, which reminded me of the ‘Call to Action’ or ‘Return with the Elixir’, even though this isn’t a persuasive talk.

Describe the speaker’s use of the following from Chapter 8: examples, statistics, testimony, and oral citations. Is the speech well supported overall? Which of these forms of support works best for the audience?

Through the talk, Gates showed the audience four examples of the buildings that were restored in his community. He provides before and after shots of the buildings with descriptions of how they are being utilized today. I would have liked to see a few statistics included to show quantifiable proof that Gates’ community is beginning to be reformed. I do believe that providing examples was the best choice since Gates’ message does have an underlining theme of, ‘You can do this too.’

On a scale from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest), rate the TED Talk overall. Describe why you assigned that numerical rating.

I would rate this TED talk a 4 out of 5. I left the talk feeling inspired, which speaks for itself. Through critical analysis, I noted that there are many great features of this talk, but there are a few areas that can be improved, such as the length of the introduction.

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– Gain experience using strings, arrays, functions and their interactions

   – Gain more experience using arrays (one/multi dimensional)
   – Gain more experience using File Input/Output
   – Gain more experience using modular programming (functions)
   – Reinforce knowledge of previous programming topics
   – Use of  structure
   – Continue to refine C programming skills by following the C coding standard
   – Learn to apply “C” programming to problem solving

Problem Description:
Your spaceship is navigating an asteroid field; you are to design a system that will log and
display the distance between your spaceship and the asteroids. Each asteroid has (x, y, z) position
in space, where x, y, and z are the distances in kilometers (east-west, north-south, up-down) from
your spaceship which is at 0,0,0.
Your program will read a file asteroids.txt that represents the ID and location of each asteroid.
The distance between your spaceship and each asteroid is calculated based on asteroid’s X, Y, Z
position using the following formula.
? X2 + Y2 + Z2
This program must be secure. The user must input their name and pin number, if both
(name and pin) matches the list you have in a text file on the disk (ident.txt), than the
user gets access to this program. The program should allow 3 tries for name and
password entry, if unsuccessful after 3 tries the program should print a message to the
user and terminate.
Program Input/ Requirements
? The name and the pin number of the user
? A file called ident.txt which contains names and pin numbers. Example below.
 leia       12345
      darth     23456
       r2d2     34567
       solo      45678
       jabba    56789
       yoda      67890

? Input to the program will be generated using random generator for X, Y, and Z
coordinate. Random generator will generate numbers between 1 and 1000 (including 1
and 1000). This data will be stored in a text file called asteroids.txt. Assume the speed
of asteroids is 25Km/Sec. There must be at least 10 asteroids’ data in the file. The text
data file asteroid.txt has the following format: only the numbers and IDs are in the file
not the heading (ID, X,Y,Z)
A 600 200 59
B 999 999 15
C 100 1000 555
D 500 202 666
– – – –
– – – –
Program output / Requirements
1- Write the following data to a file called distance.txt, after calculating the distance
A 600 200 59 (whatever the result is)
B 999 999 15 (whatever the result is)
C 100 1000 555 (whatever the result is)
D 500 202 666
– – – – – – – –
2- Print an alarm message to screen with X, Y, and Z positions of asteroids within a distance
of less than 750 km.
The alarm message could look like the following: only two digits after the decimal point.
Warning  –  Warning  – Warning
Nearest asteroid B at ??, ??, ??: ?? km away 

Time to impact ??? seconds
asteroid B at at ??, ??, ??: ?? km away
asteroid D at at ??, ??, ??: ?? km away
– – – – – – – – – –  – – – – – — – – – – – – – – – – – – — – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – –  – – – – – — – – – – – – – – – – – – — – – – – –
3- Display a bar chart (character) for distance of the asteroids.
Example (something like below):
A |****************************
B |*********************
C |*************************
D |*******
E |************
F |
           Scale appropriately
4- Rank the asteroids from closest to farthest and write the result into an array using pointers
to traverse the array. (you need to sort)
5- Display ranking with the asteroid ID
Asteroid C distance (must be the closest distance)  
Asteroid E distance (must be the next to the closest )  
And so on…
More requirements, In addition to our standards:
1. The ident.txt file can contain at least 10 names and pin numbers.
2. Your program should be able to process the minimum of 10 asteroids.
3. You must use a two dimensional array for the asteroids position data.
4. You must use structure to hold the data for name and ID number when you read the file
5. The main function must do very little other than calling other functions and passing
parameters to those functions.
6. Your program should be modularly designed with functions designed to do one task and
one task well.
7. Your program must have at least 5 functions not including the main function

8. Do not use global variables. Pass data back and forth via parameters or as return values.
9. Make your functions as general as possible so that they can be called more than once if
10. Document your main function as well as every function you write.
11. Use defined constants for ALL constants in your program.

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