BUS 435 ELAC Effective Busine

As we examined in this course, there is no single way to be a leader and
leadership. I want you, by utilizing the material we covered in this course
and how this material may affect your leadership skills, how you perceive
yourself as a leader. Among the topics to cover include your strong and weak
points, what you may have learned in this course that could help you as a
future leader and whether you perceive yourself as more of a tiger style or a teddy
bear style(no value judgement as both are needed and important, just understanding
who you are).

3-4 pages

I will put my course textbook in the file, and send you the course syllabus later.




The nature and requirements of leadership as both an abstract concept and a realistic need for a society, has been debated for as long as societies have needed leaders. This has been well demonstrated during the present Covid-19 pandemic when good leadership vs. bad or incompetent leadership can affect the lives of many people. Is a leader one who provides an abstract vision for others to follow; is a leader one who can put that vision into practice; is a leader one who can “get up and go”; is a leader one who can inspire others to follow, no matter what; is a leader one who can organize others; is a leader nothing more than a cheerleader; is a leader all, some or none of the above? How would Moses, Christ, Mohammed and the Buddha fit into these categories? Are leadership qualities the same for the United States as they are for Germany as they are for Japan as they are for Dubai as they are for Kenya as they are for Brazil? Are leadership qualities the same for teenagers as they are for their parents as they are for their grandparents? Is leadership about shared goals and ambitions or the imposition and implementation of a “leader’s” goals and ambitions? Is leadership about trust and integrity or about getting the job done no matter what? Is leadership art or science or a hybrid of both? Is being a good business manager being a good leader? These and other questions will be examined in this course.

Managers as Leaders:

Most students in this course are primarily concerned about the relationship between leadership skills and management. It is often said that successful companies and organizations have good leaders, but what exactly does this mean, what does it imply and is it really true? We will examine this question as well as the idea that before leaders can lead they must have an honest and thorough understanding of themselves. We will examine the responsibilities and style of leadership and what each may lead to.

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