BIS 245 DeVry University Wk 1

Week 1: Lab Overview – Instructions – Step by Step

Step 1: View the Step-by-Step Video
Step 2: Review the Scenario/Summary
Step 3: Deliverables – Note the need to upload a Visio file and a Word document.
Step 4: Required Software – Ensure you have installed Microsoft Word, Visio, and Access … or …
Step 5: Ensure you are able to access the CITRIX Virtual Environment and are able to open both Access and Visio files.
Step 6: Download the “Week 1 Lab Instructions” file
Step 7: Download the “Northwind Database (MS Access)” file
Step 8: Download the “Lab1C_Questions.docx” file
Step 9: Open and review the “Week 1 Lab Instructions
Step 10: Complete ALL steps carefully!
Step 11: Answer the questions in the “Lab1C_Questions.docx” file.
Step 12: Be sure to add your name to the beginning of the file names of both files before submitting them for grading.


You have been asked to create two conceptual database models using MS Visio Database Model Diagram Template. The purpose of this lab is to have you gain familiarity with the various modeling tools needed to create a conceptual model (entity relationship diagram) of a database. You will create two conceptual models.

You will then open an existing Access database to explore database objects, and experiment with simple data manipulation using filters and sorts, and begin elementary work with relationships.

Upon completing this lab, you will be able to do the following.

  • Relying on detailed instructions, create a simple conceptual model for a two-table database using MS Visio.
  • Use the experience gained in creating the first model to construct a similar conceptual model without the instructions.
  • Download an existing Microsoft Access database file. Open the database, find and identify different database objects in this database.


Part B: Step 4: YourName_Lab1.vsdx (Visio Diagram)

Part C: Step 8: YourName_Lab1C_Questions.docx

Required Software

Microsoft Office: Word 2019, Visio 2019, and Access 2019

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