Ashworth College Week 1 Healt

My name is Brenna Norman I want to become. Nurse by 2025 I love to help people.
Post your introduction, stating your name, a bit of personal information about yourself, career aspirations, and what you expect to learn from this course. Finally, develop a specific career goal. Explain in detail the type of job you want to land after you graduate. Include job title, location, hours of work, pay, and benefits in your response.

Guided Response: Welcome at least three of your peers, commenting on their career goals. How do their career goals differ from yours? How are they similar?



Sandra Maydwell

Sep 6, 2021 at 3:08 PM

Hello class,


My name is Sandy Maydwell and I live near Dallas, Tx. I am married with three grown children, and I grew up in the south, but have been living in Virginia for a long time. Three years ago we decided to move to Texas, and I love it. It’s true what they say about Texas, we really are our own little country.

I have struggled with weight, sciatica, and osteoarthritis since my mid-twenties. I agree with Hippocrates that we should let our food be our medicine, and I have seen many people turn their health around by altering their diet. I am happy to say that I am one of those people. To that end, I have been a health and wellness advocate to help others accomplish the same goal – to gain freedom of movement and from pain so that they can live their lives again, without the misery of chronic illnesses.

I already have my own wellness business. I’m not sure what I will learn from this particular course, but my aim in pursuing this degree was to increase my knowledge base so I am more effective in helping my clients. My job title is Health and Wellness Coach, location is various, hours are various. Pay is dependant on how much time I put in, but I know others who make six figures. The best benefit is seeing others recover from debilitating health issues.

Sandy M.


Brittney Goytia

Sep 7, 2021 at 12:54 AM

Hello Class,

My name is Brittney and I’m very excited to be 5 weeks away from earning a BA in Health and Wellness! My desire to obtain this degree has been to increase my general knowledge and build a foundation in health behavior, common illnesses, prevention and treatment. Through my course I have gained a foundation in understanding health and feel blessed to have recently started working in a medical facility that offers homeopathy, osteopathic medicine, Chinese medicine, and weight management care. There is a lot of opportunities for growth. Currently I work on the administrative end of the clinic. After this course I will take a personal training course and nutrition coaching. My goal is to become a health care coach, work 5 days a week in my local area. If I worked in a clinic, like the one I am in now, I would benefit from assess to integrative care, aesthetic treatments and flexible hours. Another benefit of health coaching is that it can be done remotely. I can offer coaching around the world and fill a work day with in-person and online clients.

Recently, a longer term goal I have been contemplating is getting a MA in Health Administration. This type of work would switch my role back to the administrative end of health care. This career route would increase the hours I work, the amount I get paid, and reduce my schedule flexibility as health administrators are often in managerial positions. The pay off would be a higher income compared to a health coach. The average base income for a health administrator per year is $71,000 per year. Whereas a health coach is about $48,000 per year (Payscale, n.d.).


Payscale (n.d.). Average healthcare Administrator Salary. Retrieved from…

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