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For an overview for how to post and respond to a discussion on Canvas, watch this short video: (Links to an external site.)

For this assignment, you’ll be interviewing someone in your field to learn about their current work, communication skills required, and communication challenges. Because this is a discussion board posting, please use the following format (which will make it easier to read through other posts). Note that you will not be able to read other student posts until you have submitted your own. If possible I encourage you to conduct this interview verbally (rather than by email).

Conducting the interview will take, on average, about 20 minutes. Be sure to tell the person that you’ll be speaking with so they can plan.


1. What is your current job? Company or organization?

2. How many years have you been in your current position?

3. What is your educational background? (degrees, majors, school)

4. Where do you currently work (US or another country)?

5. What size team or group do you currently work with? (If it varies depending on the project, it’s fine to include a range.)

Current Position

1. Can you tell me a little about your current position? What are your major responsibilities?

2. How much time, on average, do you spend reading/responding to work emails (or text messages)? In group meetings? Planning, creating, giving, or attending presentations? Planning and preparing written reports or other documents? Other communication tasks?

3. How many email and/or text messages, on average, do you receive each day?

4. How many email and/or text messages, on average, do you send each day?

5. How many presentations do you give, on average, each year?


1. Have you experienced any challenges or difficulties in communicating with others? If so, what are they? (If they say no, you can ask specifically about time required for communication, ability to persuade others, being efficient in delivering presentations or communicating with others, etc.)

2. Is there a communication skill that you wish you had learned more about while you were at university? (For instance, delivering presentations, writing reports, giving feedback to others, etc.)

Ashford University Communicat

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First class: Working with groups

Read the “job interview” case at the beginning of the chapter 4. Include the text of the questions in your post and the topic of your case in the subject line of your post.

Job Interview

1.How do the intercultural dimensions discussed in the chapter serve as a framework for assessing the differences in communication patterns between the software design team and Martha? Where were the biggest sources of friction between the two?

2.The software team included one Hispanic member (Jorge) and one African American member (Scott). How might these co-cultural differences have created challenges with Martha, if she had gotten the job?

Work Cited: Galanes & Adams. (2019). Effective group discussion: Theory and practice (15th ed.). McGraw Hill. eText

Second class:Disabilities

1. How can an understanding of the devaluation that people with disabilities experience guide human service practice? How would you as a practitioner incorporate your understanding of oppression in working with people with disabilities?

Work Cited:

Mackelprang, R., & Salsgiver R. (2015). Disability: A diversity model approach in human service practice (3rd). Oxford University Press. eText

Last class :Communications

1. Chapter 3 draws distinctions between the functions of the family unit. Which of these functions is the most important to the maintenance of deep structure of culture? Why? Does your opinion create advantages for you? How does your position limit you? (For example, if I think ‘reproduction’ is the most important, I may be emboldened by the fact that I have 5 children. Or I may feel inferior if I’ve have no children.) Which one of these family functions, if any, needs more focus or cultivating in today’s society?

2.Put the word family into an internet browser search engine and then select “images” to look at the photos, cartoons, etc. that pop up when we look up the word family. What do you notice about those ‘families’ that the internet determines are families? Are there any disturbing trends? Any reassuring trends? Choose one photo that came up in your search and analyze it based on the elements and qualities your book uses to explain the family unit. (Be sure to include a link to the photo or upload it directly in your post.)

3. Chapter 3 discusses intercultural views regarding the elderly. Choose one of the photos in the “Intercultural Images” section of the Content area. How does the image support or go against cultural constructions of the elderly? Are the images surprising to you or affirming to you? How might the images be altered to make them more interculturally ‘traditional,’ in your opinion?
Work Cited:

Samovar, L.A., Porter, R.E., & McDaniel, E.R.. (2017). Communication Between Cultures (9th ). Boston: Wadsworth. eText

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