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W5: Economic and Health Care Policy

Economic policy is a complex but vital part of the United States. To start this discussion, take a look at CNBC’s explanation of what the Federal Reserve is and what it does.

Now, look through online sources to locate a specific economic policy in effect that you find interesting. It could relate to taxation, user fees, mortgage rates, minimum wage, or anything tied to US economic interest. 

Then analyze it using the policy framework we have been discussing. Consider effectiveness, efficiency, ethics, equity, political feasibility, social/cultural feasibility, etc. 

Be sure that you provide some background on the issue at the start of your post and include links to current event articles that help to explain the issue.


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W6: Welfare Policy

“Welfare” has gone through many changes over time.

In 2014, the War on Poverty turned 50.  Take a look at this report from the CATO Institute as well as the lesson and course reading and answer the following questions:

  • Have the programs worked to reduce poverty?
  • Where does the US stand in terms of poverty and welfare?
  • What federal social service programs need revision?  Why?

Evaluate the welfare/social service issue utilizing our policy framework. 

Be sure to bring in additional scholarly sources to balance your analysis.

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W7: Homeland Security Policy

One of the most debated products of the War on Terror is the USA PATRIOT Act.

Assess this Act on the trade-off between security and civil rights.

Has this Act been effective, equal, and ethical? 

Does the Freedom Act of 2015 correct any of these issues? 

Quiz4: Write about military retirement and tweak it to meat this week requirements. 

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W8: Policy Impact and Civic Engagement

Citizen participation is at the cornerstone of an effective and representative government.  Take some time to consider the issue and get involved. 

Get out and do it! Apply what you have learned and engage! 

A good starting point may be a topic from this class that piqued your interest (think gun violence in schools, military retirement). Write your representatives, join a PAC, or share your thoughts with member of your local or state government.  Then, report back to the class on what you have done! Or in the alternative, attend a meeting, volunteer at a nonprofit or show public service in some other manner. 

Reading Resources: 

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