Aberystwyth University Bad Po

PART 1 —-In a 3-4 page essay, please discuss all the following areas:

Think of some individuals whom you feel are exceptional leaders. What, if anything, do they have in common? Next, think of some individuals whom you believe are truly poor leaders. What, if anything, do they have in common? After identifying your leaders and their attributes, from your responses, do your answers identify traits or behavioral qualities? Which, traits or behavioral qualities, do you personally view as dominant in effective leadership?

Your essay should be supported by a minimum of 4 cited sources to support your thoughts and ideas.

PART2—-In a 3-4 page response to the Case Study and using one or more of the three models of leadership presented in Module 2, identify which leadership model or models you would use to improve the performance of 4 reporting employees.

Case Study:

You have become the new Director of Human Resources. Reporting to you are:

Ms. Teri Klusman, Manager of Training and Development. Ms. Klusman has been with the company for two years, but is fairly new to this position. She recently graduated with her MS degree in Adult Learning and is eager to begin her training responsibilities.

Ms. Melea Rizzo, Manager of Human Resources-Employee Recruitment. Ms Rizzo has been with the company for 10 years and has been very successful in establishing relationships with nearby colleges to source potential employees and interns.

Ms. Karen Bell, HR Generalist. Ms. Bell has been with the company for 20 years and has been promoted to the position due to her longevity with the company. She has not, however, gained any additional certifications in her HR profession.

Lastly, Mr. Bill Green, HR Information Specialist. Mr. Green has been with the company for 8 years. Mr. Green is conscientious and maintains the HRIS system. He is comfortable with the present system and has expressed his hope that a new HRIS system is not introduced into the company.

You have many new initiatives you would like to implement. You have been hired to remedy many financial issues within the company as well as remedy some employee satisfaction issues. Recent Employee Surveys have revealed that many employees feel frustrated with their positions and feel they have to choose between being a parent or an employee. As result, you would like to implement the following initiatives:

  • A new HRIS system to more fully gather employee information.
  • A training program for the employees who are picking and shipping the organization’s products.
  • Source employees who will staff the warehouses.
  • Create a family-friendly policies allowing employees to leave work with pay to attend student events and a policy allowing employees to partner with their supervisor to create flexible schedules.

In your response, explain how you would use the different types of leadership behaviors within the leadership models to assist your staff in implementing these initiatives. Further, how would each HR manager use the Leadership Models (combination or a specific model) to drive the initiatives within their area of expertise and influence? Do you think some of the HR managers could work together to accomplish implementing their initiative? Explain how this might be a beneficial.

This assignment must include a minimum of 4 sources to support your thoughts and ideas.

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