Midterm Project Paper!

Midterm Project Description



Write a five to seven page paper about complexity theory. You must define complexity theory and demonstrate a basic understanding of how it works. You must then summarize an example of complexity theory applied to something related to your degree of study ( I am a business major ). For example, if you are studying wildlife biology, you can show how a unique ecosystem, like alpine lakes in Yosemite National Park, forms a complex network. If you cannot find a complex system that relates to your degree of study, you may have another topic approved by the instructor.


Grading Criteria

Organization: 40%

As this is an advanced class, it is assumed that you are capable of organizing and presenting information in a clear and orderly way. 

Formatting: 15%

Following simple instructions is an important part of participating in the academic and business worlds. As such, 10% of the grade is based on meeting the following specifications:

It must be typed in 12 point Times New Roman font

It must be double spaced

Margins must be no larger than 1.25inches

It must have at five three in-text citations

There must be at least three sources, one original ( check the attached essay ), in the Works Cited list

Clarity: 15%

This portion of the grade is determined by how well sentences and paragraphs flow together, and by accurate use of academic American English forms. Spelling and grammar will also be considered, though it will have a minimal effect on grades.

Content: 30%

A comprehensive display of understanding the material will earn high marks in this category. Be able to thoroughly describe and define ideas in your own words and be able to give applicable examples.


The better your paper adheres to these measures, the better your grade will be.


** I need this to be done within the next 60 hours!

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