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  1. Use the PowerPoint template under the Assignment area or you may create your own PowerPoint to discuss the relatedness of reading and writing. (If using the template, be sure to replace all the text in red.) Be sure to format your PowerPoint as follows. The title of each slide should appear at the top of the slide and you should use bullet points and brief phrases to support each title point.

Slide 1 Title Slide (include the title of your Assignment, your name, and course number/section/title)

Slide 2 Title: The Relatedness of Reading and Writing

Explain the connection between reading and writing

·                Why do children who read a lot or are read to a lot tend to find it easier to write?

·                How does exposure to lots of different kinds of books build speaking, reading, and writing vocabulary?

·                How does writing help reinforce phonics skills? How does it help build sight word vocabulary? (words children can recognize automatically)

Slide 3 Title: Shared Writing Increases Reading Development (see p. 163)

Discuss ways this is true in explaining the following:

·                Group Stories

·                Individual Experience Stories

·                Interactive Writing

Some points to consider:

·                Why are these types of stories easy for children to read?

·                How do these stories motivate children to read?

·                How can they help children begin to see themselves as readers and writers?

·                How do these experiences help children see the connection between speaking and the printed word?

Slide 4 Title: Reading Activities Can Support Writing Development


·                Functional Literacy Activities

·                Environmental Print (EP)

Some points to consider:

·                How does the nature of EP and functional print encourage children to write?

·                How do they help children to see a “real life” need for reading and writing?

Slide 5 Title: Dramatic Play Can Support Reading and Writing

Explain what is meant by dramatic play. Give an example of a dramatic play theme and some “props” that would encourage reading and writing within this dramatic play.

Some points to consider:

·                Why is this a fun/nonthreatening way to explore with reading and writing?

·                Why will this encourage children to practice their reading/writing?

Slide 6 Title: References (include references to your eBook, web articles, videos, and any other resources you used to prepare your PowerPoint). Be sure to use APA format for your references and to review the Unit 3 Assignment Rubric in your Syllabus.



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