Writing character: a character sketch of Alistair MacLeod

Writing character: a character sketch of Alistair MacLeod




In literature as in life, the nature of a person’s character is revealed by:


1.    their actions


2.    their speech (monologue or dialogue)


3.    their thoughts (inner monologue)


4.    their appearance


5.    other characters’ comments or behavior toward them


6.    the narrator’s comments (in a work of fiction)


7.    their habitat (home, office, cottage, etc.)




Your assignment is to view the documentary “Reading Alistair MacLeod,” and determine what you can about Mr. MacLeod’s character, as if he were a figure in one of his own novels or short stories.




Observe his physical mannerisms, way of speaking, appearance, facial expressions, gestures, body language, clothing, how he conducts himself when among family or in a public place. What characteristics of Alistair’s are revealed by others: his wife, children, friends? Using the list above as a guide, write a thorough and engaging character sketch of Alistair MacLeod in a narrative style. 



Word count:  less than 500, two pages or less

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