Humanities Report about the Darwin and the origin of species and the descent of man 600 words


Read the excerpts from Darwin’s “The Origin of the Species” and “The Descent of Man” included in the pdf posted on the Course Library section of our Blackboard course site. Then, answer the following questions in complete sentence.

  1. How does Darwin define natural selection? What principle does he say this theory operate on? Explain the relevance of this principle within the theory of natural selection, according to Darwin.


  1. Why does Darwin say that he feels ennobled when he considers the validity of the theory of evolution?


  1. Why does Darwin argue that the theory of evolution apply to man? What reasons does he give?


  1. Darwin states “Man still bears in his bodily frame the indelible stamp of his lowly origin.” Explain the previous statement. What does Darwin mean by “lowly origin”?

Due date: October 27 2013 by 10:45pm

600 words minimum.*Essays that do not reach the 600 words requirement will NOT be graded and will receive a failing grade of 0/20.

*Do not upload attachments. Instead, type your entry directly onto the text box of your journal.

*Submit your entry directly through the Journal function of Blackboard. Please do not e-mail me your journal entry.

*Info such as name of student and date do NOT count towards the required 600 words. Including the prompt in your journal entry does NOT count towards the required 600 words.

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