History Short Answer Questions

History Essay Questions:


1.       1.Discuss at least two changes Charlemagne made when he became king.


2.       2,Define the term “Renaissance man.” Show how Lorenzo de’Medici would be a good example of a Renaissance man.



3.       3.Discuss the Columbian Exchange and what it entailed.


4.       4.It has been argued that the Thirty Years’ War was the first European-wide conflict. Do you agree? What was the outcome of the war? Give evidence to support your stance.



5.      5. Before Peter the Great, why was Russia more an Asian than a European nation? Give at least TWO examples of how Peter tried to westernize Russia. Name at least one territory he gained for Russia.


6.      6. Discuss the Scientific Revolution’s impact on religious belief. To what extent were religion and science antagonistic? To what extent were they intertwined.



7.       7.Compare and contrast Peter the Great and Catherine the Great. How did each change Russia? Which one do you feel had the greatest impact on Russia and on Europe? Be sure to back up your decision with facts.



Please respond to each question, providing a detailed response using complete sentences. Provide at least a 250 word response to each question, while providing at least 1 source to support your answer. Utilize turabian style in your response.

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