Fast Start Business Plan

Attached are the pages to my e-book that you will need for this assignment.  I had to take screenshots as copy and past wasnt possible.



Now that we have a persuasively written plan, we should make sure that it contains the proper information. Each section should be examined for quality and accuracy. There is an array of questions to ask when reviewing a plan. These questions involve making sure that the necessary information is clear and that the necessary supportive information is present. Remember that the plan should answer questions before the questions arise.

Read the following and answer the questions in an essay format:

  1. Review the Fast-Start Business Plan presented in your readings this week.
  2. Examine each section of the plan.
  3. Provide your personal analysis on the business plan based on the readings this week.
  4. What would you change or enhance?
  5. How would you make this more persuasive?

The assignment should be approximately 1 page in length.

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