The Arts and Royalty; Philosophers Debate Politics


A dispute in the French royal court is described about whether Poussin or Rubens was the better painter. Take a painting by each, either from our book or a Website below, and compare them and explain which you prefer. There is another conflict between the playwright Moliere and a well-born Parisian; Louis XIV stepped in. Explain how Louis XIV used the various arts and his motives for doing so. Identify one (1) example of a modern political leader approaching the arts this way.




•The philosophers Thomas Hobbes and John Locke disagreed on the understanding of political authority, with Locke taking what is commonly called the “liberal” view. Choose a side (be brave perhaps; take a side you actually disagree with and see what best support you can come up with for this side). Using the writings of each given in our class text or at the Websites below, make your case for the side you chose and against the other side. (Do not just say which side you prefer or agree with, but provide strong reasons in support of both positions.)


In each case, make sure to also explain the given philosopher’s views on the nature of man. Discuss it in detail!


Identify one (1) modern situation in the world where these issues are significant


•Chapter 23 (pp. 742-755); Rubens; Poussin; Moliere; royalty using the arts; review the Week 2 “Music Folder”




The Arts and Royalty


•Rubens and Poussin at






Philosophers Debate Politics


•Chapter 24 (pp. 776-7; 803-805)


•Hobbes: text at


summary at; also




•Locke: text at


General background of the concept at


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